Avantco CPO-12 Stainless Steel Countertop Pizza/Snack Oven - 120V, 1450W

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Item #: 177CPO12 120

  • Heats frozen pizzas up to 12" in diameter in 15-20 minutes
  • 30 minute timer
  • Convenient handled wire rack
  • Stackable to heat and serve multiple food items at once
  • Can accommodate up to a 1/4 size sheet pan
  • 120V, 1450W

Quickly whip up deliciously cheesy pizzas and other warm snack foods with the Avantco CPO-12 countertop pizza snack oven! Constructed of durable stainless steel, this 1450W oven is wide enough to hold up to a 12" pizza. Its 2 1/2" tall opening makes it easy to load pizzas and other snacks on the handled wire rack, and a built-in 30 minute timer lets you know when your treats are heated to perfection.

Customer Reviews

This advanced go countertop mini pizza snack oven is great he quickly heats up my pizza or toast or anything else as long as it small enough to fit in it

Minister M. from REGARDLESS
Posted on 8/24/2017

Bought four of these snack pizza ovens and they work great for the quick service we need. The size is perfect too. All four ovens fit on our countertops perfectly.

Simeen C. from Renaissance Wine Garden
Posted on 8/19/2017

We have a couple of these. One works fine, the other has flaky temperature settings. If you just occasionally cook pizzas and can watch them, these are ok. We eventually quit using them and bought a real pizza oven (https://www.webstaurantstore.com/nemco-6205-countertop-pizza-oven-120v-1800w/5916205.html) which is the way to go if you do much pizza sales.

Angela M. from
Posted on 7/9/2017

Super cute little guy. We only used it for a while as it wouldn't keep up with the demand we ended up having. But for the time we used it, it kept up really well! We kept it incase we need a back-up, and its easy to store.

Sharon R. from Mudslingers
Posted on 6/6/2017

We started making toasted sandwiches and this has been a life saver. Heats up quickly and is a breeze to clean. Definitely a great addition to our restaurant

Wendy C. from griddles country cookin'
Posted on 5/11/2017

We bought this to replace an older style, different brand of pizza oven. Was a little leery to try this brand in the pizza oven, but have used it a few times on pizzas and does a great job. Even baking and no complaints.

Erin M. from
Posted on 2/1/2017

Good for low volume. Sheet metal is fairly thin and has a lot of heat loss, but for the price it is a good piece.

Eliza K. from Red Lodge Grizzly Peak, Inc
Posted on 1/29/2017

I got mine months ago and have not had one single problem with it ,I use it for more than just pizza I recommend this product to others

Manuel C. from
Posted on 12/22/2016

I suppose you get what you pay for. At first this product worked well. After only a few months of light-to-moderate use, it now takes double the time to cook pizzas. We now use a toaster oven to cook pizzas, as it does a better job. Not recommended if you want a high-quality machine that will cook quickly and last for years.

Amos H. from
Posted on 11/15/2016

Simply Amazing the brand that we trust! Avantco CPO-12 Countertop Pizza Snack Oven - 120V, 1450W works perfect for pizzas and other snacks. We will be placing orders for more soon these are great!

Herman H. from In-stock supply inc
Posted on 9/7/2016

This is a great oven for cooking pizza snacks short order warming and I have found it useful in my concessions stand recommend highly great buy!

Deanna M. from Deanna Mecurio
Posted on 8/24/2016

Nice looking product, great price point and nicely constructed. My only complaint is that it takes longer to heat up than my other ovens and cooks more slowly. Overall, just ok.

Jesse R. from Celebrations Food & Drink
Posted on 8/4/2016

Great Product, we use it after the kitchen closes to cook our own frozen pizzas. Late night pizza orders have been a nice addition to our business.

Nicholas K. from NorthEnd Pub & Grill
Posted on 8/2/2016

This Snack Oven is great not just for pizza, we like the fact that it is countertop and electric, so we don't have to worry about any special installations, just hook it up anywhere and you are good to go! Great for fairs and other outdoor events.

Posted on 6/17/2016

This was a steal in my opinion, It is used in my concession trailer and it works like a charm. The price was to die for. I purchased 3 and have no regrets.

Sharon T. from pashays
Posted on 6/11/2016

The Avantco CPO-12 Countertop Pizza Snack Oven has been a great addition to our shop. It works well and doesnt take up a lot of room.

Jason O. from Biddle Blend
Posted on 6/6/2016

This counter top pizza and snack oven has worked perfectly, and I look forward to using it for a long time. It needs a good bit of counter space, but it is worth it for the convenience this machine provides.

Geraldine C. from
Posted on 1/12/2016

Excelente, durable, cheap. But the most important work really well and look very professional I love to reheat my Empanadas is so easy to used

Marco A. from El tenedor de nacho
Posted on 11/9/2015

This works well for cooking flatbreads or small appetizers in small batches. Takes a while to reach maximum temp, but holds heat well once preheated. Easy to clean, lightweight, easy to transport for off site events.

Cheryl T. from The Savory Spoon Catering Co.
Posted on 10/16/2015

Awesome little oven! Great price also. This is perfect for so many of our lunch specials. It's compact and easy to store as space is limited. Love it!

Tony L. from
Posted on 9/4/2015

Great pizza oven... got it while it was on sale for $50. Very easy to use just set the timer put in the pizza and done!

Kelly S. from Spanky's Videos & Games
Posted on 7/6/2015

This little oven is a winner, heats up super fast and consistently delivers great results, I actually threw out a toaster oven and replaced it with this one, I plan to get a couple more for the game room and another for my daughter. It's a great price too.

Francisco D. from FRANK DIEGUEZ
Posted on 12/30/2014

The Avantco CPO-12 Countertop Pizza Snack Oven – 120V is an ingenious creation that I had to have and it's a really good look. Thanks, Webstaurant.

Laurant H. from HoffmanENC
Posted on 12/28/2014

EXCELLENT oven. It heats up super fast and gets to 450 fast. It cooks our pizza's completely in about 10 minutes. It works best when not warmed up, just put in the pie and turn it on.

Karen B. from Gilpin Market
Posted on 12/3/2014

It's a nice compact pizza oven that can used at any bar or restaurant. You need to have some space around the area that it is used in because of the venting. It is super affordable though. It is easy to use. Not optimal if you have high volume..

Katrina C. from Big Eddy's Deck Bar
Posted on 11/17/2014

These are compact perfect for any bar counter top.. They do take a little longer to cook a pizza and you have to rotate the pizza half way through cooking or it will only cook half the pizza but it gets the job done and they are fairly easy to clean

Shannon C. from Saucys Pizzeria
Posted on 6/6/2014