Avantco P78 Grooved Commercial Panini Sandwich Grill - 13" x 8 3/4" Cooking Surface - 120V, 1750W

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Item #: 177P78 120

  • Grooved grill plates
  • Temperature adjusts between 120 and 570 degrees
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Drip tray included
  • 120V, 1750W

Create your most popular sandwiches, quesadillas, hamburgers, and more with the Avantco P78 grooved commercial panini sandwich grill! This sandwich grill features 1750 watts of heating power for fast and thorough cooking, and its grooved grill plates provide tantalizing grill marks for an excellent presentation. The temperature is easily adjustable between 120 and 570 degrees Fahrenheit to cook or warm a wide variety of foods, while the stainless steel exterior and cast iron plates ensure long-lasting durability and strength. And thanks to the included drip tray, cleaning up is a breeze after every use.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 17"
Front to Back: 12"
Height: 10"
Height (open): 19 1/2"

Plate Dimensions:
Upper Plate: 13" x 8 3/4"
Lower Plate: 13" x 8 3/4"

Customer Reviews

So far so good, we've had this panini press for a few weeks. Aggressive sandwich press, the plates are nice and hot. Equipment gets to temp fast, easy to clean, seems to be very durable and handles the volume with no issue.

Randall R. from
Posted on 9/11/2017

This is a wonderful sandwich press, the only problem is cleaning it and also within a year of having it in our kitchen, we had to replace the element in the unit.

Rhonda L. from Lizzie's Grill-N-Chill
Posted on 9/6/2017

Wow. This panini press is amazing! Simple to use. Just plug it in and adjust the temperature with an easy to find knob. Highly recommend

Trae G. from lettusknow
Posted on 7/13/2017

I prefer this unit over my double panini press, these pressed work well, however they are not the easiest to clean. I stiff wire brush is need to scrap out the grooves.

David B. from Crocs Xtreme Italian Ice
Posted on 7/13/2017

Really good panini grill. This unit has proved very rugged and reliable. It is equal in quality to any of the more expensive panini units.

Skylar B. from Cafe Blue Moose
Posted on 6/5/2017

We serve a wide variety of sandwiches at our deli, and some of our most popular options are our paninis. We use they grills to make all of our paninis and we've used them for a very long time with no problems whatsoever.

Stephen B. from New Deli
Posted on 3/29/2017

Avantco Grooved Commercial Panini Press is great for concession trailers and mobile kitchens. These Units are built well and generally stand the test of time.

Shaun R. from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC
Posted on 3/6/2017

These work great. I own 2 of them for my sandwich shop. Can heat up to 4 sandwiches at a time. Last a long time.

Elise R. from Cafe
Posted on 1/31/2017

Great deal! This Panini Grill is planned for expanding our menu, so we were not planning on spending as much for a product that we are going to try out. It is heavy duty.

Geraldine A. from Minute Cake n' Bake
Posted on 1/16/2017

So far so good with our panini grill. Heavy duty with cast iron plates. Food will stick at first, but over time I know they will be stick resistant. This is a very heavy-duty item for the price. And the fact that you're given all possible choices regarding plates (flat or grill) was a big plus in our decision making.

C.J H. from Fat Cat Kitchen
Posted on 12/19/2016

Y'all, we make paninis on this grill and it is the best ever!! It makes up to four sandwiches at a time which is awesome during busy lunch days

Bailey A. from Southern Grounds Coffee Shoppe
Posted on 11/20/2016

This is my first commercial grill and is indeed a change from the non commercial on we had before. Heats up rather quickly and stays warm even when turned off . Great product

Rosemarie B. from Angeliques Cafe
Posted on 11/15/2016

This is a very good and reliable commercial sandwich grill. I use it every day and every time it makes very nice grilled sandwiches. It is number one.

Ioannis T. from Cliffmart LLC
Posted on 9/29/2016

This machine works like a charm. it makes the perfect Paninis and sandwiches. It really keeps up with needs of the business. I wish I had purchased a bigger one. its GREAT!!!!!!!

Sharon T. from pashays
Posted on 9/4/2016

We've used this several times in the few days since we've got it and the panini's are absolutely perfect. It has made very ordinary sandwiches special.

John S. from
Posted on 4/4/2016

Bought this to make paninis in our café. Works well. Must have it on and kept warm or else it take a while to make the paninis. Durable. Always fast shipping. Thanks,

Luis W. from Coffee Beanery/ L&A Cafe, LLC.
Posted on 11/24/2015

We've used this for panini sandwiches for about two years now. It holds 4 paninis using big rectangular sourdough and does it quickly and evenly if you make sure to level off the lid. I honestly can't imagine a more expensive one doing any better. We even cook 1/4 lb hot dogs on it. This grill is so good, I am looking at getting a smooth one for burgers.

Willie V. from Dub V's
Posted on 11/13/2015

This is a great panini maker; the size is large enough to make 2 or 3 sandwiches at a time but not so big that it takes up too much space on the work table. Heats up quickly and maintains a nice even heat. Probably too small if you are doing lots of paninis every day.

Michelle R. from
Posted on 11/8/2015

I purchased this Panini grill for my home use. I received it within three days of purchase. Great heavy duty machine! I use it frequently. It heats up fast and is fairly easy to clean. I was worried I may have trouble blowing my fuse at my residence, but this is not a problem even on high settings! No regrets, I would buy it again!

Dennis S. from
Posted on 4/20/2015

We ordered this item on a lark since I have always thought having a panini maker would be really nice... This item has turned out to be a really nice addition to our home kitchen! Works great, great low price, easy to use! Do beware though that this unit is HEAVY. I would recommend having a place where you can use the machine without the need to move it from place to place. Very pleased with the item and webstaurant's service staff!!

Roger W. from
Posted on 4/15/2015

this panini grill is a great size and is easy to clean with a wire BBQ brush. once is is hot, it stays hot. great value!

Ty B. from workhorse coffee llc
Posted on 4/13/2015

yes it takes a while for the panini maker to get hot, but we usually turn it on before lunch business start and it stays on the whole day. We use a BBQ were brush to clean the grill that works very well. It can fit two panini at the time. So far we are happy with our purchase and even thinking to by a second one for the busier season.

Sarah F. from
Posted on 4/9/2015

Good small panini grill - too small for a panini shop but great if just a few menu items require it - simple power requirements are very nice

Chris S. from Mountain Oven, LLC
Posted on 1/1/2015

This Panini grill has more surface space than my previous press, but it has a few setbacks. It takes it quite a while to heat up for a order and the clean up is very time consuming! I will in the future make sure to purchase a machine that the plates are removable for cleaning.

Sharon W. from D'Vine Eatery LLC
Posted on 11/8/2014

We started making panini sandwiches a few months ago with a small press from Target. Once the sandwiches took off, we knew we needed a commercial grade unit. This unit is awesome and priced right, too.

James P. from SiP
Posted on 6/7/2014

We have only used this a few times, but we are happy with is so far. we grilled french toast, bacon, and veggie burgers with this grill. The only negatives the "oil" that is applied from the factory - just wondered what it was??

Alisha F. from
Posted on 3/31/2014

This panini press has been used for the past 16 months and has been great. One thing I will note is that the press does really push the sandwich down as the lid is very heavy. We prop it using some pam spray and it works out much better but overall a great product at a very reasonable price.

Courtney M. from BlueSteele Coffee Company
Posted on 10/10/2013

Avantco 13" x 8 3/4" Grooved Top & Bottom Commercial Panini Sandwich Grill is a nice to have for the price. It is also pretty easy to keep clean.

Michael B. from cruisincafe
Posted on 4/10/2013

It works really well.I use for all my wraps and most of my sandwiches.It makes all the sandwiches look very appealing and comes out nice and warm.

Bruce N. from Ranch House Kitchen
Posted on 3/28/2013

I love this panini grill! It is very sturdy and easy to use. It heats up quick and the ridges provide for even grill marks.

Eric S. from
Posted on 12/19/2012

This panini press is fantastic. I love that both the bottom and top plates are grooved. It leaves the perfect grill marks on the panini's and everyone loves it.

Laura B. from
Posted on 12/11/2012

Panini sandwich grill is an excellent purchase. I have used it for grilled cheese and it's just as great. the price isnt overwhelmingly than expensive compared to other stores

Roelh L. from
Posted on 11/20/2012

this panini press is great and it makes the perfect sandwich. the grooved top and bottom give your paninis a great texture. i recommend this

Dan W. from
Posted on 11/14/2012