Avantco MG12 #12 1 hp Meat Grinder - 110V

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Item #: 177MG12

  • Processes up to 260 lb. of meat per hour
  • 1/4" grinder plate and 5/16" grinder plate provide versatility
  • Includes replacement knife, plastic pusher, gasket, and sausage stuffer tube
  • 110V, 200 RPM

Create ground beef, sausage, wild game, and other high-demand, delicious foods with the Avantco MG12 #12 1 hp meat grinder! This meat grinder features a gear-driven body for outstanding processing of up to 260 lb. of meat per hour, while its stainless steel exterior lets it stand up to the rigors of every-day use. Its powerful 1 hp motor lets it automatically grind your most popular meats, and a convenient handle is attached to the top of the unit for easy transportation. For convenience and versatility, a replacement knife, plastic pusher, gasket, sausage stuffer tube, stainless steel meat tray, 1/4" grinder plate, and 5/16" grinder plate are all included so you can successfully break down almost any meat you need.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 9 1/2"
Depth: 16 1/2"
Height: 18"

Customer Reviews

This is a great grinder. It has worked well for our charcuterie program, which is mostly terrines and sausages. The only small drawback is that it is extremely heavy.

Carolyn J. from
Posted on 7/25/2017

What a great asset!! Pays for its self the first time you do not have to buy a case of ground beef. I would recommend getting some spare Washers (MG12) to have on hand.

James C. from
Posted on 4/27/2017

excellent cooking equipment with warranty and good service of packing and protection at the time of transportation. We can recommend this company at the best prices of equipment for restaurants and cooking utensils. they guarantee excellent care transport

Piedad D. from diaz
Posted on 3/27/2016

This meat grinder is great for all types of meat and fish. it is perfect for a smaller operation, it cuts through sinue easily without overheating

Evan B. from Jack & Alice LLC.
Posted on 2/10/2016

We love this grinder. It grinds as fast as you can feed it and does not seem to strain at all. Even deer meat does not have to have all the silver removed. I highly recommend this grinder.

Elle R. from
Posted on 12/4/2015

I purchased this grinder as an upgrade from a locally bought smaller unit that just couldn't keep up with deer processing duty. What an upgrade! We were finally able to use it once our schedule settled down and processed about 35lbs of meat in what seemed like a couple minutes time. Cleanup was easy and the included plate sizes were perfect for the pepparjack-wurst sausage that we like to make. Excited to see how it performs next season with hopefully putting it through more of a workout. It is easy to tell this unit was made for the long haul with how heavy it is and the beautiful construction of the components. Includes a couple spare parts as well.

Matthew W. from
Posted on 3/24/2015

We purchased the Avantco MG12 grinder last year to replace a very old Hobart unit. I have been pleasantly surprised in how the Avantco keeps up with our grinding needs.

Jon T. from
Posted on 2/25/2015

Needed to get a good heavy duty meat grinder at a reasonable price. No need to look further this unit is a great unit for any small hunter or deli or food establishment that wants to grind there own meat .

Steven G. from
Posted on 12/31/2014

The item has been great for my business. We have used it for all types of events and the food stays warm for hours while traveling to customer locations.

Keith R. from Hell's BBQ
Posted on 10/29/2014

The MG12 makes processing meats unbelievably easy. I've never used a machine that was so easy to use. Calling this grinder "Heavy Duty" doesn't do it justice, the weight of the machine alone confirms that this is a commercial grinder. I will definitely be recommending this grinder to anyone looking for a serious meat grinder. As far as appliances go, this is the best purchase I've ever made.

Sherri A. from Sherri A
Posted on 9/28/2014

This grinder has done a marvelous job for us. We mostly use it to convert the remnants of sliced brisket into chopped beef for sandwiches, but on a substantial scale. The grinder is very sturdy--the only complaint being that the input tray moves around some. That can be solved by clamping it to the carrying handle. I bought a grease tubes along with the grinder and add grease into the port before every use.

Lane H. from Wimberley Lions
Posted on 7/12/2014

Take the work out of meat grinding with this superb grinder from avantco. Easy to maintain.

Taylor P. from
Posted on 9/3/2013

There really is nothing like being able to use a meat grinder that you don't have to grind yourself. It is very easy to use and a very reasonable price.

Dorothy T. from
Posted on 4/8/2013

This is a great heavy duty meat grinder! It works best when you store all the lose parts in the freezer before hand to keep the meat as cold as possible when grinding!!

Eric K. from
Posted on 11/19/2012