Avantco EG16N 16" Electric Countertop Griddle - 120V, 17.5 kW

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Item #: 177EG16N 120

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Stainless steel feet that are adjustable from 3 1/2" to 5 1/2"
  • Adjustable temperature range of 150-570 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3" steel splashguards on sides and back
  • Great for cooking breakfast food, vegetables, and meat
  • 120V, 1 Phase; 1750W

Expertly cook pancakes, burgers, eggs, grilled cheese, and all of your customers' favorites with this Avantco EG16N 16" electric countertop griddle. The 1/2" thick steel cooking surface heats evenly throughout for consistent cooking results no matter where you place food on the griddle plate. A single thermostat knob controls the temperature, which is adjustable from 150-570 degrees Fahrenheit. With overheat protection, power on / heating indicator lights, and 3" steel splashguards on the sides and back, the Avantco electric countertop griddle is as safe to use as it is powerful and effective.

Thanks to its 15 1/2" x 16" griddle plate, this unit is built for high-volume commercial use. The heavy duty stainless steel housing and 3 1/2" to 5 1/2" adjustable stainless steel feet provide durability, while the easy to remove grease tray allows for quick, hassle-free cleaning.

This Avantco electric griddle requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

This model replaces the Avantco EG16 electric countertop griddle.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 16 1/2"
Front to Back: 19 3/4"
Height: 9 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Great product that makes the task of preparing fast food easier! We use it in our business daily. Thanks for a great product that delivers!

Kaywana S. from Cone Zone Ice Cream Shoppe
Posted on 8/9/2017

Great griddle for a great price! Was very happy with this purchase only to find out we really do not have the room for it. Did not return because to restocking fee which I honestly do not like! Sold on my own just to avoid the restocking fee.

Darlene L. from Triangle Store & Deli
Posted on 8/5/2017

We needed something small and simple just for one purpose and that is to toast hot dog buns. This performs and it gets hot! The dial goes up to 570 but at around 425 it toasts buns in seconds. Compared to other brands this unit is very inexpensive. Only had it for a few days but so far so good!

Doan N. from
Posted on 7/6/2017

The counter top griddle is so easy to clean. It takes only a little time to find where it gets hotter and less hot but I'm glad for the purchase. Fast delivery and nothing was damaged which is great.

Julia W. from
Posted on 6/8/2017

This griddle was exactly what we needed. This small griddle has greatly increased the productivity of our small kitchen. Anyone that is looking for an entry level price range griddle can't go wrong with this model, seems to me to perform very well for the price. The fact that this plugs into any household electrical outlet was a plus for me since we are limited in our power options.

Eric H. from Hime's Deli
Posted on 6/6/2017

Griddle meets my expectations says standard duty but for me it is heavy duty got me out of trouble heated bread links and onions all at the same time the best thanks web.

Tania M. from Cottoncandy.lite
Posted on 4/2/2017

Very good product, easy to handle and use for anyone, good instructions. Good for small restaurants or small kitchens. Great quality and easy to use

Martha c. from Pincho Loco
Posted on 3/28/2017

Great electric grill money can buy, we love to using it. Small things do come in great packages. So if you are thinking of buy one don't hesitate .

Neil P. from Nlp services
Posted on 2/12/2017

I've had my griddle for a few weeks and I love the way it cooks all of my foods. I don't know what I'll do without this item.

Juanita F. from
Posted on 1/19/2017

So far I really like this flat top I got the 16 inch one because I really needed a lot of space I don't have a lot of space and I needed it it works fantastic I turned it on and it heated up it shut off when it was supposed to I really like that feature

Minister M. from N/A
Posted on 12/28/2016

If you have a small work space to work with, this is a perfect size. Cuts cooking time in half, haven't burnt anything yet. Manual states do not use any chemicals or scrub pads to clean the cooking surface, so I been just wiping down with water and soap. Which still leaves some dark spots from cooking, still trying to figure out what to do to clean it better. Had it over a week and been using it everyday, overall I like the product so far.

Makay A. from Donut Queen
Posted on 9/27/2016

We have an older version of this griddle the 177EG16 120 - and it has been a real workhorse. We cook a wide range of foods on it and it does a great job. With the small space we have it is the perfect griddle. It heats fast and cooks evenly. Not sure what we would do without it.

Terry C. from Chesnut Hill Foods
Posted on 9/14/2016

It's a great counter top on grill. It keeps the temperature well and it's able to run all day! We were making potato pancakes, shnitzels and more on this grill. And the price is great too.

Tomas S. from Tom
Posted on 9/2/2016

The Avantco Electric Countertop Griddle is great. I'm not sure what our kitchen would do without this little griddle. Works amazing if you keep it cleaned well.

Katherine A. from The Pump
Posted on 8/15/2016

The griddle is a great investment. the only issue that I had was that the plastic wrapping was stuck to the griddle and I accidentally dropped the catch tray and the outer lid broke off. but the performance of the griddle exceeded my expectation.

Sharon T. from pashays
Posted on 4/10/2016

The Avantco EG16N 16" Electric Countertop Griddle is great, this has been ordered in the past but this is the first review that has been done we will be ordering more for the sandwich shop.

Herman H. from HJS SERVICES
Posted on 3/7/2016

This little grill will do the job if, you have a small low volume business. It is not made for a high traffic or a busy kitchen. But overall it is OK and do recommend it.

A. N. from
Posted on 3/4/2016

works very good heats up quickly cooks quickly and has grate power use not a lot and works good i recommend to anyone who has a small place

Avraham C. from Munch place
Posted on 11/15/2015