Avantco ICBTM-20 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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Item #: 177ICBTM20 120

  • Durable plastic frame
  • Accepts a pan with a maximum 8" bottom diameter
  • Light weight, portable for display cooking
  • Automatically switches to standby mode when pan is removed
  • Power level/wattage and temperature cooking modes
  • Lockable keypad
  • 1800W, 120V

This Avantco ICBTM-20 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! Perfect for display cooking and other light-duty applications, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges since there's no open flame or exposed burner. Plus, its innovative technology allows it to heat up in as little as 1 minute. For added convenience, a built-in 170 minute timer and lockable keypad allow you to maintain total control over your culinary creations, and you can cook using either a power level / wattage mode (500-1800W), or a temperature mode that ranges from 140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place an induction-ready pan or pot on the cooking surface and turn it on!

- Accepts induction-ready pots or pans with a bottom diameter of 5" to 8"

- Power level / wattage mode from 500-1800W

- Temperature mode from 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit

- Heat generated in the bottom of the cookware for super-fast cooking speeds

- Easy to read digital display with lockable keypad

- 170 min. timer (5 min. increments)

- Automatically switches to standby mode when cookware is removed from the surface

- 120V and 1800W

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 11 1/2"
Front to Back: 13 3/4"
Height: 2 1/2"

Customer Reviews

This is the perfect cook top for our store. We only use a burner for select items, and this allows us to have a commercial grade electric burner at our disposal when and wherever we need it. Not to mention the unbelievable price point!

Drew J. from Waynesburg Coffee, LLC
Posted on 9/2/2017

Avantco has been a great brand to use in our restaurant. This product is very durable, can deal with heavy use, and is very inexpensive. I recommend this product to anyone operating a restaurant that doesn't need a complete stove and needs to save space.

Shawn B. from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC
Posted on 8/26/2017

This burner is a great value and extremely convenient to add an extra burner when you need one in the kitchen or to take offsite. I liked the first one so much a bought another...

Carolyn J. from
Posted on 7/25/2017

We purchased two of these about seven months ago and they've both held up well, no issues with longevity. My one complain is that the silver border surrounding the burner is plastic, so if your pan isn't nicely centered you can and will melt the plastic along the edge. Once we figured that out though we've been careful to keep pots and pans in the center and not use oversized pots.

Ali R. from East Durham Pie Company
Posted on 6/15/2017

This things is great. We have a lack of space and putting this away and back out again helps save space. Cooks evenly and has saftey features.

Travis F. from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe
Posted on 6/13/2017

We have been using this everyday for months and so far, so good! Easy to clean/maintain and perfect for our kitchens limited space. Would recommend this for light cooking and small areas although we have been using our pretty heavily!

Terri from Sushi N More
Posted on 6/9/2017

I have had this product for about a year now and it still works great. It beeps at you to let you know its on when there isn't a pot on it. That is slightly annoying sometimes, but is also a good feature to have so it doesn't get left on accidentally.

Hannah C. from Hannah's Coffee House
Posted on 5/22/2017

Another awesome product! It takes limited space. You could stow it away when it's unused. We used it often to teach our elementary kids how to cook such as Dr Seuss Day, kids fried their own egg.

Posted on 3/23/2017

great item, reasonably priced. as a caterer, with places where open flames are not allowed, this is perfect.I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a portable induction range.

Barbara M. from
Posted on 3/18/2017

Love this product! It takes up no space at all and it was the perfect solution to not having a cooktop/range in our little bakeries!

Tracey C. from Sally's Sweet Shoppe
Posted on 3/17/2017

this avantco countertop induction cooking range work very well and heats up very clean. nice and clean design and really safe to use only warms up with a induction cookware on top

En Z. from Yamato
Posted on 3/16/2017

This is my go to item in the field. It will boil water or anything liquid fast so within minutes and can quickly bring something up to temp.

Janice W. from Epting Events
Posted on 3/14/2017

Avantco Countertop Induction Range / Cooker is built very heavy duty. We have quite a few customers choose these over a standard Range / Oven.

Shaun R. from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC
Posted on 3/6/2017

This countertop induction cooker is very handy, it's a bit noisy but works pretty well, it heat pans very quickly and boils water in record time.

Ivan T. from
Posted on 1/29/2017

Not bad for the price , does the job and programming is nice and works well , heats quick and durable , solid , nice design

Cengizhan K. from Aslan Khan LLC
Posted on 1/11/2017

This counter top induction range / cooker has been excellent so far. It is easy to use and heats up quickly. It is light and easy to store away when it isn't needed.

Kurtis T. from Sludge Coffee Roaster
Posted on 12/29/2016

Good and compact induction stove, bought one a year ago and just stopped working but for the price it is a great buy even for one year

Solomon G. from E & T 15th Ave. Corp.
Posted on 12/29/2016

Good but not as strong as other induction burners. Great for eggs or smaller dishes but not for large pots of soup or caramelizing foods.

Michelle R. from
Posted on 12/27/2016

This counter-top induction range could be purchased for home or business use. I purchased it for home and it is doing exactly what it supposed to do. I am very happy with this purchase.

Ioannis T. from Cliffmart LLC
Posted on 9/29/2016

I love this induction range! I can't say enough about it! I want one just to keep at home for the holidays for when I run out of stovetop room! They heat up almost instantly and boil water in under 1 minute. I've come to prefer it over stovetop cooking!

Ashleigh L. from Ashleigh Luna
Posted on 9/21/2016

Much noisier than expected. Didn't really heat much faster than conventional. Compact, easy to pack for travel and easy to clean. Controls were a little confusing at first... but OK after using a few times.

Alice S. from By Ali
Posted on 8/4/2016

I am still experimenting with this tabletop induction cooker. There is a slight learning curve. It heats up and cools down really quickly. I don't know if you could find another at this price point. It's a good value.

Joan R. from
Posted on 7/19/2016

This countertop induction range is a true asset to our business. We enjoy using it for making sauces to create specialty beverages, ice cream sauces, etc. I do wish that the high-pitch sound wouldn't happen when in use, but only certain people can hear it, some can't because it's so high.

Andrew G. from Reverie Coffee Roasters
Posted on 6/27/2016

I used this at my cafe but it is not good for long time usage, after a few months it starts turning off and blinking. This is good for catering and small food service events because it is very portable.

Efrain M. from Eskwilax Llc
Posted on 6/7/2016

I use this induction burner when I'm catering an event and no kitchen is available or to add another burner to my main kitchen. This unit works good and I've had no problems

Chris I. from
Posted on 5/30/2016

Great product for the price point! Was a little nervous to purchase at first with plastic siding but was completely proven wrong when seen in person.

Ashley from Everything but the Dress LLC
Posted on 5/24/2016

This is a great value for a countertop induction cooker. I've used it regularly for over a year and it is still going strong. It does give off a humming noise at higher settings, but still worth the cost.

Abigail O. from
Posted on 5/21/2016

We bought this before we bought the IC1800 version. It was sufficient, but just stopped working one day. The little extra bit on a heavier duty model is worth it - in my opinion for most people.

Keren R. from glazed doughnut shop
Posted on 5/16/2016

The Avantco countertop induction range cooktop is a great value, we have purchased two now and they work great, they are quick to get to temp and easy to keep clean.

Matthew S. from Life's A Bagel
Posted on 4/12/2016

We bought three burners, two high powered ones and this one for more gentle applications. We use it for melting chocolate specifically. ..very precise heating

Shelley W. from belly ice cream company
Posted on 4/5/2016

I use this daily. I like the size and the fact that it is problem free. It has several settings and a timer for 5 minute increments.

Arlton C. from Mr. A's Beignets
Posted on 2/2/2016

The Avantco countertop Induction range has preformed excellently. Simple to use, and like other Avantco products this burner has a low price and good quality. We have recommended several Avantco products.

John D. from Please B Seated
Posted on 1/7/2016