Avantco 177MG32TUBEF #32 Sausage Stuffer Replacement Flange for MG32 Meat Grinder

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Item #: 177MG32TUBEF

  • Designed to work with MG32 meat grinders and select sausage stuffer tubes
  • Acts as a direct replacement for the original part
  • Adapts outlet tube to stuffing tubes
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Mounts without the use of tools

This Avantco #32 sausage stuffer flange is a direct replacement for the flange that came with select sausage stuffer tubes, such as 177MG32TUBE4, 177MG32TUBE5, and 177MG32TUBE6. This sausage stuffer flange is designed to fit MG32 grinders. It adapts the outlet tube to the sausage stuffer tubes, and is easily mounted without the use of tools. Be sure to replace a broken one promptly to get your meat grinding operation back in business.