Avantco RC3060 60 Cup (30 Cup Raw) Electric Rice Cooker / Warmer - 120V, 1750W

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Item #: 177RC3060

  • Removable, non-stick aluminum inner pot for easy cleaning
  • Cooks rice in 30 minutes
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Includes measuring cup and rice paddle
  • 120V, 1750W

Cook up hearty portions of rice for your authentic Mexican restaurant, Asian bistro, or on-the-go sushi counter with this Avantco RC3060 60 cup (30 cup raw) electric rice cooker / warmer! Capable of preparing up to 60 cups of cooked rice in just 30 minutes, this rice cooker is designed to meet the demands of your busy operation. Designed to automatically switch from cooking to warming mode once cooking is complete, this rice cooker not only ensures perfectly cooked rice without the guesswork, but it also keeps your rice warm and ready to serve!

This rice cooker's two sturdy handles allow for easy portability from your kitchen to your buffet area, and its durable stainless steel lid is easily removed so guests can serve themselves without any trouble. A stainless steel exterior offers a functional, yet attractive appearance, while a removable non-stick aluminum interior pot makes cleaning a breeze after a long, busy dinner service. The included clear measuring cup provides quick, accurate portioning of dry rice into the pot, and the rice paddle allows you to efficiently mix, scoop, and serve your rice while preserving its consistency. A 120V electrical connection is required for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 17 1/4"
Height: 10 3/16"
Dry Rice Capacity: 30 cups (180 oz.)
Cooked Rice Capacity: 60 cups (360 oz.)

Customer Reviews

I can’t believe I struggled so long with big-box store rice cookers. This commercial grade cooker cooks a ton of rice perfectly every time. It takes about an hour to cook a full 30-cup batch. Would definitely buy again.

Malcolm B. from Ancho Honey
Posted on 5/3/2020

it is a really good rice cooker since it only takes a little to cook 30 cups of sushi rice it is also a good warmer it does not burn the rice.

Kady C. from n/a
Posted on 3/7/2020

We love our Avant co 30 Cup Rice Cooker and use it every day, sometimes more than once. Our Greek seasoned rice is very popular and this cooler helps us keep up mightily!

Christopher M. from GBGC - Hattiesburg
Posted on 12/6/2019

Good electric rice cooker for sushi rice . 120v mean u can transport this rice cooker to any where else beside kitchen and 30 cup is right size too.

Shenjie D. from Kawa sushi
Posted on 10/27/2019

This Avantco 60 cup rice cooker can make big batches of rice and works well in a kitchen setting. it is easy to set up and use.

John K. from
Posted on 8/6/2019

This is the first professional rice cooker I have ever used and I was blown away by how quickly it cooked our rice! It also keeps the rice warm (without overcooking) it all day!

Eric R. from Pita My Heart
Posted on 6/12/2019

Been using this to prepare and hold warm rice in my commercial kitchen, daily, for about 3 months now. Cooks great and in under 25 minutes. For the money this is a big win. I recommend.

Priscila B. from 1975
Posted on 5/30/2019

Really great size and quality for the price ???? I bought a smaller unit somewhere else and actually paid more for it. This rice cooker is a great value.

Leslie I. from Fresh-twist
Posted on 4/29/2019

This item was perfect. I was worried of the quantity not cooking right. It cooked perfectly... I cook for the minor league baseball team in town. So I need something like this one because I was use 3 rice cookers at one time

Christopher L. from Christopher lloret
Posted on 4/13/2019