Avantco 78" Band Saw Blade for Boneless Meat

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Item #: 177BSB2T078

  • Reduces waste by 30%
  • Ideal for boneless meat
  • Easily changes out with other saw blades
  • Durable carbon tool steel with heat hardened tips
  • 5/8" thick blade; 2 teeth per inch

Designed to precisely and quickly cut through boneless meats, this Avantco 78" band saw blade is ideal for butcher shops looking to increase output and efficiency. This durable carbon tool steel blade features two teeth every inch to easily slice through your most popular meats, and it is heat-treated for additional durability to reduce change-outs and increase cutting speed. And thanks to its thin design, this saw blade helps to reduce waste by up to 30% when compared with thicker conventional blades.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 78"
Thickness: 5/8"