Avantco PHCD02417 Temperature Probe and Display Assembly with Transformer

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Item #: 177PHCD02417

  • Replaces the original thermometer and transformer
  • Transformer ensures proper electrical current for the temperature display
  • Temperature display gives a quick picture of the interior temperature of the unit
  • 120V

Replace a broken or malfunctioning temperature probe, display, and transformer assembly with this Avantco PHCD02417 temperature probe and display with a transformer! This assembly ensures that the temperature display on your holding / proofing cabinet is functioning properly so that you always have an accurate picture of the interior temperature of your unit. The transformer ensures that a proper electrical current reaches the temperature probe and display, while the probe gauges the interior temperature and communicates that information through the digital display. Each component is rated at 120V.

Overall Dimensions:
Display Diameter: 2 5/8"
Bulb Length: 3/4"
Transformer Length: 2"
Transformer Width: 1"