Avantco S30 11 Qt. Round Black Countertop Food / Soup Kettle Warmer - 120V, 400W

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Item #: 177S30 120

  • Great for keeping soups and sauces warm
  • Adjustable temperature knob
  • 11 qt. stainless steel pot
  • Stainless steel inset and soup labels included
  • 120V, 400W

Outfit your restaurant or catering service with this Avantco S30 11 qt. wet heat soup warmer kettle! This kettle features an 11 qt. capacity so you can hold large quantities of soup at a time. With 400W of heating power, this soup warmer is great for keeping your soups and sauces at the perfect serving temperature. The adjustable temperature knob makes it easy to control the heat inside the kettle, while the hinged lid features a knob so it can be easily opened by your staff or customers. Also, the included soup labels make it clear to your customers what you're selling. An stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel pot ensure long-lasting durability, and thanks to its neutral color, you can be sure this kettle will complement your business's decor while providing quality products to your valued customers.

Overall Dimensions:
Diameter: 13"
Height: 15"

Customer Reviews

I highly recommend this soup warmer. Having limited counter space, we needed something that didnt clog up much room. It breaks down excellent for easy cleaning and even storage if you do not wish to use it year round.

Posted on 6/17/2019

We operate our warmer in 2-3 hour stretches twice per day. Always keeps the soup or gravy piping hot, hinged lid makes service simple. Cleaning is a breeze.

Brad F. from Stein Assisted Living
Posted on 6/17/2019

This is the 3rd kettle weurchased for our deli. Very well built, looks nice, heats evenly just wish they would last a little longer. Seems after 1 year, they stop heating

Debra Y. from Debbie Yoder
Posted on 5/27/2019

This soup kettle is perfect for serving our homemade soup and gravy. It feels great but light enough to move around the kitchen when needed. It also has a nice and sturdy knob for controlling the temperature

Robert D. from
Posted on 4/29/2019

My youngest son birthday was near. We planned a rodeo party. We bought this unit to be a center piece to our chilli bar. It was a big hit.

Gary B. from The Exchange
Posted on 4/28/2019

Perfect size for my mobile food cart business. It keeps soup at the perfect temperature to serve immediately, I have had nothing but good reviews from customers. May need to buy another one.

Mary B. from Mobile Cafe Express
Posted on 4/11/2019


Posted on 4/7/2019

Did the job nicely. Kept a good amount of soup hot but didn't overheat it. Looks decent and doesn't take up a lot of space. The only thing that was mildly irritating is that you have to remember to check the water level; it does evaporate more quickly than others I've used. But overall, you can't beat it for the price.

Megan V. from Firehouse Pub
Posted on 3/26/2019

I've had my kettle for a couple of years. It gets the job done. Great for soups, chili, cheese or anything that you need to keep warm.

David D. from
Posted on 2/21/2019

I didn't know what to expect since I ordered these online and couldn't see them but I was more then please when they came! They work great.

Danae S. from Charmed.
Posted on 1/4/2019

This is a new affordable addition To my catering business. Works great for soup and or chili. There is the temperature setting to serve it just the way you like it.

Todd C. from Lobster Boys
Posted on 12/31/2018

this is great to have for soup. it is really easy to clean and holds a lot of soup or whatever you put in it

Senia J. from Sena llc
Posted on 12/31/2018

The Avantco S30 11 Wt. Round Black Countertop Food/Soup Kettle Warmer is perfect for serving soup! In our cafe, we keep the soup kettle behind the counter and serve our customers. We have also taken these soups kettles to catering events, full-service and self-serve. They're great at heating soup without burning it, easy to serve from and easy to clean. When I'm transporting soup to an event, instead of the cover (which I still bring), I put tinfoil on top to prevent spills in the car.

Atlantic B. from Atlantic Baking Company
Posted on 12/28/2018

Works like a champ, it looks great too! We’re thinking of added a second one. We would get the same one again for the cost and quality not tea s better but put there

Chef D. from Darrell’s Devils Food Llc
Posted on 10/27/2018

Oh my goodness! These are the cutest kettles EVER! They are very easy to use and warm up very quickly. The kettles will be used to serve soup at a winter wedding.

Melissa m. from
Posted on 10/24/2018

Decent soup warmer (that we used for grits) but always had an issue with the lid coming off and not staying on tight. For the money it’s decent.

Michael J. from Stateline BBQ & Taphouse
Posted on 10/23/2018

As a soup focused restaurant, we needed these of course! We have at least 4 of them in use every day for 9-10 hours and they are work horses. We've had no problems at all.

Kathleen W. from Boerne Soup Kitchen
Posted on 10/17/2018

This soup pot is very cute. It keeps the soup warm. My only problem is the lid. I have the hardest time getting that to work correctly. Besides that, I love it.

Laurie F. from
Posted on 9/7/2018

Excellent for keeping chili and soup warm. The temperature dial helps to find the perfect amount of heat with out burning. The design is compact and does not take up a lot of valuable counter space. A must-have in the cooler months!

Jason S. from
Posted on 8/25/2018

Fits perfectly in countertop. Keeps the soup of the day at the right temperature. Only issue is the water evaporation: there is no warning when out of water.

Luciano from
Posted on 8/6/2018

The handler started to crack after few months usage. The store shipped us the replacement but the handler had the same problem after 1 month.

Yanxia W. from ZW Parkside, Inc
Posted on 7/22/2018

This avantco warmer works great for our needs. We use it once or twice a week and it does get hot hot hot. We use it on the lowest setting and it keeps the soups nice and steamy warm without giving it a scorching

Al T. from Real Star Slimes
Posted on 6/30/2018

I love this equipment, this countertop food, keeps your food at a perfect temperature is very useful, can be used in soups, broths, creams and much more, also its shape makes it very nice

Humberto T. from home use
Posted on 6/11/2018

Works great for our needs! This warmer keeps soup hot all day, perfect temp and no scorching.. Be sure to label soup from the bottom.

Leah J. from Nolas
Posted on 5/4/2018

We have three of these food warmers--love them! We have used them at catered events as well as in the shop for soups and curries. Very easy to operate, and very easy to clean up. A necessity if you need to keep food warm for longer periods of time. Great buy!

Kristian K. from Lemon & Sage Market
Posted on 4/25/2018

This is a must have for any buisness owner, especially if you have paties. Very profesisionally made. I will continue to recomend this product to everyone..Especially if you are a small buisness owner.

Jennifer C. from
Posted on 4/19/2018

This Avantco soup kettle has made warming soup and finding a resource to serve it a breeze. We serve right out of the pot. The pot heats soup in no time and its very attractive. This has been a grand investment for our sandwich and soup venue. It is also easy to transport to our catering venues.

Dee D. from Jade Vine
Posted on 4/10/2018

Great! Keeps soups at a perfect temperature, easy to clean and transport. Be sure the lid hinge is secured between the container insert and the body of the warmer before you flip it open

Jen M. from NomNoms
Posted on 4/5/2018

We have two of these and they work great. Our customers love the fact we now offer a soup and sandwich combo thanks to the addition of these kettles.

Tony G. from k fish comestible
Posted on 4/4/2018

So far, so good! Had this warmer for a few weeks and I think it is adequate. It is not a cooker and will not heat your soups and gravies to temperature, It is a holder and will hold temp as long as you heat the product first. I like the lid that attaches to the pot.

Richard W. from Giant Pizza
Posted on 3/29/2018


Hillary J. from Hijose, Inc.
Posted on 3/7/2018

Meh. This is just okay. It's pretty cheap and it feels cheap but it works to keep soup warm. It takes up a lot of space for what it does so we don't use it often.

Karen D. from
Posted on 2/12/2018