Avantco FF300 Natural Gas 40 lb. Stainless Steel Floor Fryer

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Item #: 177FF300N

  • All stainless steel tank, door, front, top, ledge, and header; galvanized steel sides
  • Easy to use thermostat for accurate and adjustable temperature between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 40 lb. fry pot, with an efficient and quiet 3 tube burner system, and full port drain
  • Two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets included
  • Natural Gas, 90,000 BTU

Perfect for light-duty usage at restaurants, concession stands, or pizzerias, the Avantco FF300 natural gas 40 lb. floor fryer has all the features your kitchen needs to prepare perfectly fried foods! This floor fryer features a durable stainless steel tank, door, front, top, ledge, and header to stand up to the daily demands of your busy kitchen.

Its three 30,000 BTU heating tubes provide outstanding power to fry a variety of popular appetizers and entrees like French fries, onion rings, hot wings, or fried chicken, and an easy-to-use Invensys thermostat lets you adjust temperatures between 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Avantco 40 lb. floor fryer is mounted on 6" adjustable legs. Two nickel chrome wire mesh fry baskets are included, each with red plastic-coated handles for heat protection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 15 1/2"
Depth: 30 1/4"
Height: 47 1/8"

Tank Dimensions:
Width: 14"
Depth: 14"

Customer Reviews

We love the way this fryer works alongside our other cooking equipment! The storage for the drain pipe is different than we've seen and we LOVE it - much easier access than most. The two different levels for draining grease are great and nice for different food products (the lower level tips the basket at an angle, while the upper level keeps it flat). Heats grease quickly and efficiently.

Lori F. from Three Bridges
Posted on 7/26/2019

My husband says this is one of the best fryers he had ever worked with, and he's been in the cooking industry for over 20 years. Will definitely purchase this again if we ever need a new fryer.

Jordan from
Posted on 6/23/2019

Great fryer for general purposes. Our restaurant does not fry a lot of food, so the size is great. I would recommend a larger fryer if you are an establishment that does a lot of frying of foods

Adam S. from
Posted on 4/10/2019

If you need a small fryer for French fries at your restaurant, I would highly recommend this one! It does the job perfectly and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Danae S. from Charmed.
Posted on 12/22/2018

Two things I want to tell you about this fryer. One, it works perfectly and gets everything crispy as can be. Two, make sure you get the casters because if youre not mobile with your fryer what are you doing with your life?!

Christopher E. from
Posted on 11/10/2018

This is a perfect item for the price. We did alot of research with fryers and this one stood out and we are very happy we purchased it.

Michael C. from Cuozzo Corp.
Posted on 10/31/2018

The fryer works great. It is very easy to use and maintain. Priced very well. We use the fryer to make homemade chips to serve with our sandwiches. Would definitely recommend this Avantco Fryer.

Chris C. from Boxcar Barneys
Posted on 10/23/2018

This fryer is awesome it helps my business a lot. I hope to get a bigger one in the near future as my business expands

Iesha W. from First class sea cargo
Posted on 9/13/2018

This stainless steel fryer is completely made of rust free metal. Making it very easy to keep sanitized. It includes two fryer baskets so don’t forget to order more baskets if needed.

Aimee W. from Pot Roast & Pinot LLC
Posted on 9/10/2018

Packaged nicely and easily assembled. Set up was quick and painless. Had no troubles hooking up to gas and getting pilot lit. Baskets are excellent.

Leonard S. from
Posted on 8/9/2018

I love it, very easy to clean and easy to use. Very good price for this size fryer. I bought it almost 2 years and I highly recommended. Amparo L.

Amparo P. from Amparo Leonard
Posted on 7/30/2018

This gas floor fryer is a beauty just what we were needing! It met our expectations by far, fits like a glove and it was easy to install. We will recommend it!

Miquelin H. from Lolas Cuban Food
Posted on 7/27/2018

This fryer is great and looks great as well. It was very easy to install, and setup and we were back up and running less then an hour after we received it. This fryer seems to cook the food a lot better and faster then our previous fryer, we couldn't be more happy with this purchase!!!!

Brian C. from The Bulldog Cafe
Posted on 7/27/2018

great for the money and work as it should. we have 3 in our restaurants and haven't given us any problems. i recommend this for any light frying restaurant.

Hung N. from Taste
Posted on 7/17/2018

The best fryer ever cant wait to buy another one very handy do the job that i want it to do love it will defetnelly recommend it

Maria F. from Tia marias cafe
Posted on 6/20/2018

God I love this fryer! Its SUPER easy to use, easy clean up with the oil drain. Wish it was a tad bit bigger given the size of the baskets, they get stuck to each other because they're so close but non-the-less would still highly highly recommend to restaurants.

Jordanne C. from Voodoo Smokehouse
Posted on 5/10/2018

The price of this fryer is very affordable,. We have been using it over a month and love it. The opening at the bottom keeps grease build-up from collecting in the the bottom, a problem we had with our previous fryer. The cleaning of the grease daily is also easier because of the inside design compared to our previous fryer.

Pamela S. from K&P’s Place
Posted on 2/18/2018

Great fryer!! Have bought many Avantco Equipment products and have been very happy with all of them. The price is right and they work perfectly.

Donald W. from Classic Burger Group Inc.
Posted on 12/1/2017

great sold fryer , surprise me made well , not cheep martial , I love it ,we used every day heavy duty using ,with great price

Ahmed E. from tuscany italian grill
Posted on 10/11/2017

The price is good, size is perfect for my small kitchen, been using it since 1 months and so far it's doing great job, recommended

Kinan M. from N8S LLC
Posted on 6/10/2017

I can only give 4 stars because when we received the fryer, the thermopile was broken (apparently a common problem in fryers) and we had to have it serviced. Very frustrating when you need it now. We managed a back up plan so waiting to get it fixed worked out. Avantco company was very helpful as well as Webstaurant Store. Since getting it fixed, it works great!

Zachary B. from Christ Community Church
Posted on 11/7/2016

Like this fryer. Definitely worth buying. Easy to use. Takes time to clean, however that's ok for this type of equipment. Specialist needed to install.

Olena R. from
Posted on 10/12/2016

I got this fryer 1.5 years ago for my food cart and it has worked really well but recently started giving me trouble (burning rich and sooting up everything) and basically none of the service companies in town has even heard of Avantco - even the company that Avantco told me to call. It's great for it's price but it is in essence a no-name brand. I'll probably just scrap the one I have and get something a little higher end for myself.

Deepak S. from Antevasin Foods, LLC
Posted on 9/19/2016

The Product was shipped fully packed and worked very good we had no issues with using the equipment for our venue that we attend this past week. Thanks again

Justin C. from JBW VENDING, LLC
Posted on 9/13/2016

We absolutely love this fryer. We can cook a lot of chicken at once. It takes up little space on our food truck and is very professional looking.

Stefanie B. from Project Waffle
Posted on 9/6/2016

I bought 2 of these for our start-up business. I was a little worried about getting the both tube fryers because of big particles possibly getting stuck in the one I was not using for French fries, but open pot fryers are so much more $. I was told to just put a different metal grate on the bottom with smaller holes. So much more cost effective! These look nice and seem easy to clean

Kailyn S. from Ellen Renees LLC
Posted on 7/26/2016

Solid fryer for the price. Three tube fryers like this are hard to keep clean on the bottom though. Great for special uses and medium duty, not ideal for places that do tons of wings or floured goods, and clean fryers daily.

Jay R. from
Posted on 7/4/2016

i bought two of the 40 lb fryers for my food truck. Fit perfectly side by side of each other and when I turned on the burners, the fryers quickly reached the temperature I set it to. Would recommend this because of its affordability and quality.

Victor J. from Bumblebees BBQ & Grill
Posted on 6/8/2016

Great price that's why I got it runs great when you can keep it on call company sent me to parts had problem with manufacturing wanting to sent right part to fix it they are trying to get it worked out I hope I have events coming up I need it to work

Posted on 5/1/2016

Just starting out with the kitchen in my bar and it is keeping up nicely. Heats up well and easy to clean for now it keeps up with the orders. I will be buying another {maybe 2).

Nancy M. from Henry's Hideout/ Robert Lee Yandell
Posted on 4/27/2016

Great deep fryer! We loved the first one so much, we decided to buy a second one. It is so easy to clean and looks nice in the kitchen.

Kristy P. from Fernando's
Posted on 4/19/2016

This is a very good fryer I bought a bigger one first then bought this one they are well made and a very good value

Carl S. from
Posted on 3/30/2016

excellent cooking equipment with warranty and good service of packing and protection at the time of transportation. We can recommend this company at the best prices of equipment for restaurants and cooking utensils. they guarantee excellent care transport excellent kitchen equipment with guarantee and good service packaging and protection at the time of transportation . We can recommend this ...

Piedad D. from diaz
Posted on 3/27/2016

It is the best value you can purchase. But just so you know, without a stainless inside or well it can definentely be harder to keep clean. Works great when your on a budget though!

Unami S. from Unami sushi
Posted on 3/2/2016