Avantco CFD10 Ten Rack Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator with Removable Door - 1000W

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Item #: 177CFD10

  • Temperature range of 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Attractive, durable stainless steel construction
  • 12 hour timer for convenience
  • (10) 14 1/2" x 16" removable chrome-plated racks for easy cleaning
  • Removable door with easy lift off design
  • 120V, 1000W

Satisfy the versatile appetites of your hungry customers with this Avantco CFD10 10 rack stainless steel food dehydrator with a removable door! Perfect for butcher shops, specialty stores, and health food stores, this unit allows you to dry out your most popular jerky, granola, fruits, vegetables and more! What better way to show that you care than by providing guests with sweet and salty snacks that are exceedingly healthier than potato chips?

Featuring a temperature range of 85 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. With a 12 hour timer, you'll be able to multitask with confidence, knowing that your savory snacks are being prepared perfectly.

Boasting an attractive stainless steel interior and exterior, the durable CFD10 dehydrator features 10 chrome-plated 17" x 20" removable racks, which makes cleanup a breeze. The dehydrator is also equipped with removable guide rails and a door with an easy lift-off design, providing you and your employees with a simple machine that takes minimal effort to maintain. This machine requires a 120V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 17"
Front to Back: 20"
Height: 17"

Customer Reviews

I am happy to have finally received this dehydrator. I have not used it as yet but it looks great and heavy duty as use for a commercial use.

Robertina T. from
Posted on 8/31/2017

Works well for dehydrating my dog treats. The automatic shut-off timer is really a life-saver, too. I can fit about 1000 dog treats in here (15 sq ft). Good product!

Sam H. from Salty Paws Treats
Posted on 8/30/2017

Love this product so much! So easy to use and very even heat distribution! I used it for dehydrating fruits and they were fantastic! Next up: herbs and garlic! This is going to be fun!

Jeanette M. from Rising Simplicty
Posted on 8/11/2017

Top quality product!!! After shopping for a while this dehydrator took top spot on my list maily because of it's design and quality. Upon receipt I was impressed with the workmanship in the construction. Using it impressed me even more. It is quiet! So quiet that I had to open it up to verify it was operating. The capacity is more than enough. I will do bigger batches in the future. The only thing that surprised me was the absence of an indicator that the timer was done. I didn't hear a tone if there was one. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves jerky. You will never buy prepackaged jerky ever again.

Clare C. from
Posted on 7/15/2017

I love this dehydrator. Easy to use, Easy to clean. I made great jerky in it. I have also dried , peas, corn, mushrooms, green beans, shallots, hominy, and broccoli. They all turned out good.

John C. from Crow's
Posted on 6/23/2017

I cannot stress enough how wonderful this little gem is, especially how quiet the motor runs, even for a home kitchen. Would highly recommend this steal of a deal!!!

Jason M. from
Posted on 4/2/2017

I love this product! I have many, many friends who dehydrate. They all boast on their Excaliber dehydrators. I tell them that they missed the boat. Excaliber is so expensive and this Avantco dehydrator is so affordable and yet has 10 racks, a very simple door that is easy to open and close and temperature control high enough to dehydrate meats! Once I fell in love with this product, I bought a stainless cart for it and the combination is perfect for my in-home use. I have dehydrated tomato skins for making tomato powder, bananas, bananas ,bananas, herbs, celery, and peppers. I also use it as a proofing box, and have used it to set my ferments on and around to keep them at a warm and constant temp. All worked well. It is easy to clean. The racks are easily removable. The fan is quiet and the unit doesn't get too hot. I recommend this dehydrating unit to many people. It is comparable to Excaliber in function, and much less expensive.

Cherri H. from Cherri hankins
Posted on 12/9/2016

This stainless steel food dehydrator is everything we were looking for. It heats up fast and is easy to clean. The ten racks allows us to dehydrate multiple items at once. This dehydrator is a must have!

Jason L. from
Posted on 11/10/2016

I ordered this unit after researching other brands of "commercial" dehydrators. I had visited to webstrauantstore.com to look at dehydrators and the site 'suggested' this model as an alternative to the one I was looking at. It was significantly more affordable, so I ordered the Avantco CFD10 dehydrator and have used it almost non-stop since it arrived. In short - a great dehydrator. The unit arrived on-time and in perfect condition. There was minimal assembly required - basically unpacking the unit, positioning the shelf supports and then sliding on the front door. Nice features - the door removes completely from the unit by sliding it up and pulling out - this allows it to be placed out of the way for loading, unloading and cleaning. The shelves are stainless wire racks with about 1/2 inch grid - a good size for all but the smallest items. The shelves slide in an rest on stainless rack supports that are easily removable and washed, along with the racks, in the dishwasher. When you remove the racks and the supports, the inside is very easy to clean. I've used the dehydrator for a variety of fruits, vegetables and jerky with excellent results. Temperature control is spot-on. The timer is a mechanical type timer, but is sufficient. Air flow through the unit appears to be excellent - while I normally attempt to rotate the racks during drying, I've missed a time or two without uneven drying. Operation is quiet. I've found the webstaurantstore.com also carries what appears to be all the parts for this model - should that ever be necessary. In short - I love it and may actually buy another...

Bradley L. from
Posted on 10/19/2016

Excellent product. I purchased this because of the mechanical timer and temperature knobs. My previous dryer was essentially the same with an electronic control pad which burned out after two years of use. This unit has easy to clean trays and works very well on all foods. Highly recommended. Also, replacement parts are available from Webstaurantstore.com.

Christina W. from
Posted on 10/2/2016