Avantco IC1800 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 120V, 1800W

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Item #: 177IC1800 120

  • Stainless steel body
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • Compatible with pans up to 10 1/4" bottom diameter
  • Light weight, portable for display cooking
  • Automatically switches to standby mode when pan is removed
  • Fifteen power level settings
  • Temperature adjustable in 10 degree increments
  • 1800W, 120V

This Avantco IC1800 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! Perfect for use in omelet stations, catering services, display cooking, and other light-duty applications, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges since there's no open flame or exposed burner. And thanks to its innovative technology, this cooker heats up in as little as one minute.

For added convenience, a built-in 175 minute timer allows you to keep track of your culinary creations, and you can cook using a wattage or temperature mode that ranges from 140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit. And thanks to its multiple heat levels, you can be sure you'll have the ideal temperature for your most popular dishes.

- Compatible with pans with a bottom diameter between 4 3/4" and 10 1/4"

- Power level / wattage mode with 15 settings

- Temperature mode from 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit

- Heat generated in the bottom of the cookware for super-fast cooking speeds

- Easy to read digital display

- 175 minute timer

- Automatically switches to standby mode when cookware is removed from surface

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 11 3/4"
Front to Back: 14 1/4"
Height: 3 1/2"

Customer Reviews

I use these induction burners frequently for cooking and brewing beer. The fifteen available power levels are a tremendously advantageous, allowing a subtle simmer to a voracious boil.

Andrew K. from
Posted on 7/12/2017

This is our favorite induction cooker. A great value for the money. The temperature gets very high, which is great for our stir-fried dishes. However, the cap on the right to turn the heat on popped off and has gone missing. It would be great if webstaurant store sold replacement caps.

Jenny L. from
Posted on 6/24/2017

A little bit of a grumpy machine. We had to return one of them because the fan wouldn't run which automatically shuts of the warmer. Webstaurant replaced it for us immediately, which was GREAT! We haven't had any issues other than that, and would recommend this product.

Sharon R. from Mudslingers
Posted on 6/6/2017

We have added another one of these with almost every order from this great site! These are workhorses in our small kitchen and take up very little counter/storage space. The only downside to these are a high pitched electrical squealing noise when the temp dial is set at or above 12. I don't usually notice this, but some employees cant stand it.

David A. from Gorge Kitchen
Posted on 6/6/2017

Purchased the Avantco IC1800 after having it referred to by a friend. the induction top heats up very quickly and the size makes it easy to store anywhere. the only reason for the 4 star rather than 5 is the buzzing noise it produces while it is on.

Jaime G. from Powerhouse Nutrition
Posted on 5/5/2017

Perfect for my small kitchen. I don't have a hood in my kitchen so this electric cooker is so helpful. Cooks almost everything quickly would recommend.

Monica H. from Bella coco company
Posted on 5/3/2017

We have four of these induction burners. They work very well, and have tested the endurance of heavy daily use. I have only one issue is that one of the burners does not maintain the selected heating element, which is an issue.

Christopher T. from
Posted on 5/2/2017

Really great! Until one of our cooks dropped something on it and cracked the top. Not really a reflection on the product, just an fyi of something to watch out for.

Skylar B. from Cafe Blue Moose
Posted on 4/1/2017

This induction range heats lightning fast and is able to use most pots and pans that are rated for induction ranges as well as cast iron. Beautiful Unit and easy to clean.

Shaun R. from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC
Posted on 3/6/2017

This product has been very great as we phase out our butane click burners (which I call camping stoves). Although I feel the next model up with higher power output would be best for my needs, I love the simplicity of having one power button and a single knob to turn to adjust the temperature. I really dislike all the digital controls on some of the other induction burners. This knob makes it very intuitive for staff that may not be too familiar or not have the time to constantly adjust watts and temperatures by rapidly pressing buttons repeatedly. The build quality is great and the price point is perfect. I'd highly recommend. This was also able to accommodate the larger Vollrath / Lincoln 3904 Optio 16 Qt. Sauce Pot with Cover which I use to make rice.

James S. from Cantina Taquera & Tequila Bar
Posted on 3/4/2017

This countertop induction range is a fantastic addition to a small business setup. I use this to make small batch soups, and for the cost it can't be beat. Easy to clean, easy to use product. As many other reviewers have mentioned, it emits a high pitched noise when on the highest setting, which can be a little annoying but you kind of get used to it.

Amir E. from Sana Food Mart
Posted on 2/19/2017

for small to medium workloads this is a really good burner. the buzz/hum from the fan is a little loud and annoying, but it doesn't take away from how well the machine works. it boils a pot of water in less than 5 minutes which is convenient.

Mark N. from
Posted on 2/8/2017

Purchased this to use mostly for pastry items. It does a great job of heating things up without scorching since there isn't any direct heat. It's great for sugar work because it holds things at a constant temperature without fluctuating. I have used it for liquids as well and it heats up rapidly, except for when you are trying to heat up more than a gallon of liquid at a time. It takes about the same amount of time to heat larger amounts of liquid up using this burner as a gas burner at about 15,000 btus. Has a slight high pitched frequency noise when you take it within 2 or 3 levels of maximum power but overall is a great buy.

Anthony P. from
Posted on 12/7/2016

I bought this induction burner to make bone broths/stocks and to render pork fat. It takes a good 30 minutes to heat up 20 qt of liquid. But it is perfect for the slow rendering of pork fat. I didn't mind the hum that it lets off. It wasn't loud enough to bother me in the kitchen. However, it produces a whining sound that is so loud you can't hear conversation when you try to record with an iPhone near it.

Matt H. from Hinckley's Fancy Meats
Posted on 11/27/2016

I have used this cook top for over a year now and it still amazes me , how fast it can boil water. It runs circles around my mothers gas stove. I have not had any of the issues that some others have been complaining about. It works well.

Craig J. from
Posted on 11/4/2016

This range is very strong it can cook any amount of food very fast. It is 1800W and it gets the heat up real fast.

Ioannis T. from Cliffmart LLC
Posted on 11/3/2016

We bought one of these a while back, and found it so useful that we decided to purchase this one. Again it is easy to store and helps get two pots of soup cooking when needed.

Katrina C. from Big Eddy's Deck Bar
Posted on 10/22/2016

We ordered this burner to do a few things in our small bakery so we didn't have to have a stove top. We used it today to make pralines and the temp control was wonderful for this! We are very happy so far!

Natasha H. from
Posted on 10/3/2016

Excellent countertop induction burner! At a great price, this induction burner/range is perfect for either home use or commercial use. Should fit on top of most surfaces and countertops (width wise). Comes with a standard plug for your outlet, so nothing special is needed here for its use. Emits so much less heat than a gas range with flames, keeping your working space much cooler. Extremely easy to use, it can be adjusted to different cooking levels, but I usually just use it at the default 6 level, and works great!

Katherine S. from
Posted on 9/8/2016

We operate a small bakery and don't have a stove top so we have always used an induction unit. Decided I needed to purchase another unit as I don't like single points of failure. The whole team is happy with this unit as it has several more settings than our other unit...which by the way was double the price.

Stephanie S. from Confectionary Designs
Posted on 8/7/2016

Does exactly what the big brand products do at a fraction of the price. Boils water almost instantly and can hold foods at a more precise temp than a hot plate or gas range. A must for any kitchen doing precision cooking.

Alex J. from
Posted on 7/26/2016

We were looking for an option for our small kitchen in our shop and this fit the bill perfectly. It sits right on our countertop and heats the water fast for our pasta and potato salads.

Lane C. from Open Range Coffee & Cafe
Posted on 7/26/2016

So far this burner is doing a great job. I bought two of them to handle various tasks. I like the option of cooking by temperature or by the number settings. The only problem I have noticed is a high pitched buzz that comes out of these things at just a slight enough level that once you hear it you cant unhear it. Drives my employee crazy.

Jacob E. from The Farmacy
Posted on 7/12/2016

I am still learning how to use this cooktop, but I can already say I am glad I took the chance and bought it. I had been looking at countertop induction ranges for a while, but the ones marketed for home use were either small, lacked features, or were very expensive. This unit was a great price and is big enough that I can use all my pans. The temperature setting and controls are good and easy to use, and I love the timer and atuo-shutoff features. It heats up nice and fast, and is so much more energy efficient than my lousy standard electric range. It really is a great piece of equipment if you rent a house or apartment. We can't have grills out on the patio, but found that putting a cast-iron griddle top on here let us make some damn-fine steaks, and we could do it outside and not get the house all hot and smoky.

Elizabeth M. from
Posted on 7/5/2016

I bought two of these units that work quite well. Had an issue with one, and it was replaced by webstaurant without any problems. Only concern is the 6 month warranty when it comes to Avantco products.

Chen T. from canton village
Posted on 6/9/2016

This induction range works wonders. It heats up extremely quickly and produces fantastic results. The only thing to note is to make sure your pan or whatever you are cooking in works with induction cooktops.

Nancy P. from
Posted on 5/27/2016

This is a super nice cook-top, well made, true stainless steel housing, not a cheap stainless veneer over plastic. 1800 watts get’s the pots heated rather quickly and has a nice temperature control. The separate control of power settings 1 through 15 gives a good control of steady heat (non thermostat controlled). Forget the timer on short cooking. It’s in 5 minute increments and in my opinion should have been 1 minute increments at least on the lower end of timing. Removal of pan/pot stops the machine and automatically restarts when pan is reapplied to top, that has its good and bad points. You can change time and heat levels without having to stop machine so you can tweak the temperature (raise/lower) without interrupting the cooking. Overall it’s a great product definitely designed for commercial use. I’m very pleased.

Philip H. from
Posted on 5/23/2016

We use this for frying bacon. It gets very hot, and its great that we can move it out of the way when we are done.

Keren R. from glazed doughnut shop
Posted on 5/16/2016