Avantco W62 Heat Lamp / Food Warmer 2 Bulb Free Standing

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Item #: 177W62

  • Adjustable height
  • Clear, 250W bulbs included

Keep your French fries, onion rings, or fried chicken fresh and ready to serve with the Avantco free standing two bulb heat lamp / food warmer! The Avantco W62 free standing food heat lamp is quite versatile thanks to its adjustable stand, so you can control the intensity of the heat reaching your food to prevent over-drying.

The Avantco free standing two bulb food warmer lamp is made of heavy duty aluminum to withstand the daily demands of your busy fast food restaurant, concession stand, or snack bar. Two clear, 250W bulbs are included. This Avantco food warmer requires a 120V electrical connection and has an output of 500W.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 14 1/8"
Depth: 19 1/2"
Height: 23 1/8" - 30 1/4"
Clearance Under Bulb: 14" - 22 5/8"

Customer Reviews

Stays well on a table buffet. Love that the height is adjustable, so I can put over a cutting board for carving or over a chafing dish. Easy to change bulbs. Can also break apart for easier carrying and storage.

Stefan F. from Chef Stef, LLC
Posted on 9/8/2017

These heat lamps are amazing! They are durable and the bulbs are very solid. These lamps are very lightweight and easy to carry around. These lamps keep all of my foods hot and they are adjustable to my food needs.

Jonavin M. from Thrive Catering and Events
Posted on 8/1/2017

I use these to keep fish and fries warm for short term. Very good for the purpose. Easy to slide the pan in the opening under the light.

Tammy M. from Taste This Catering
Posted on 7/25/2017

It's done its job. Keeps items slightly warm to avoid having to reheat in microwave. Our kitchen staff is satisfied with its results. Recommend a heavy duty one if you do heavy volume.

April M. from Sweet Dessert Cafe
Posted on 6/19/2017

Perfect size for our Mobile Food Truck, however, doesn't keep the fries as hot as I would like... works well on keeping other items like burritos warm while awaiting fries... It'll do for now, may upgrade next year!

Karen from Mommas Mobile Diner
Posted on 6/19/2017

This heat lamp was perfect to keep our Prime Rib warm. We had it on a separate cart for slicing to order and for warming.

Don H. from Honest Abe's Tap & Grill, Inc.
Posted on 6/10/2017

I was a little hesitant buying at first because I was sure if it would really keep my food crispy but it certainly did. The lamp provides good light and if you flip a pan over and sit another one on top of it, the food gets loser to the light and will crisp up faster. These are definitely good to have if you fry a lot of food and want to keep it warm and less sogginess.

Brian C. from Clarke's Catering
Posted on 6/7/2017

Very sturdy and compact design. Was able to place 2 into our small kitchen. Dual lamp was able to keep the food warm at all locations on the plate. Our restaurant mainly use this to keep fried food warm until ready for delivery, and this heat lamp performs perfectly for that purpose. Also, the power button is nicely located on the back arm.

Jin S. from All Harvest Trading LLC
Posted on 4/25/2017

Great item. Does the job and looks great and the staff loves it. You can not go wrong with this item. We will be buying more

Ac N. from MDC
Posted on 4/4/2017

We purchased these heat lamps for when we have private events and it does the job. We read reviews that the bulbs go out pretty frequently but we haven't experienced it yet. Would recommend!

Steven W. from TAIYAKI NYC
Posted on 4/3/2017

Going to keep the fries hot and ready to serve on those busy days in the food truck. Can't beat the price so I would recommend this product.

Brian M. from Pretty Odd Wieners
Posted on 4/3/2017

Works great. Looks good. Perfect place to hold our hot sandwichs. Been using it for over a year now with no problems.. Would buy again.

Robert P. from
Posted on 3/20/2017

Perfect little food warmer lamp. 110v which is great. We use at state fairs to keep prepared food warm ready for the busy hours. The 110 v is nice because you don't usually get too many outlets at events like those.

Erin M. from
Posted on 3/6/2017

These Food warmers have always worked well and we have quite a few customers request them for their Mobile Concession / Kitchen Units that are provided by Hurricane Concessions & Rentals. Easy to mount and heavy duty!

Shaun R. from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC
Posted on 3/5/2017

Excatly what we were looking for our restaurant. We purchased two of these to add to the other two heat lamps we have. Adding to new ones will help with the volume of food we put out during busy times and keeps customers food nice and warm.

William S. from
Posted on 2/22/2017

This heat lamp works great without taking up much counter space. We use it to keep breakfast burritos hot and ready. Keeps them at a good temperature for hours.

Matt K. from
Posted on 2/21/2017

We use our Food Warmer Heat Lamps for all of our events. They are very easy to assemble and keep everything nice and warm! Great Product!

Felicia M. from FOOD BY FELICIA
Posted on 2/17/2017

These heat lamps are great for our small grill. They keep the food hot while waiting on the servers to run it to the tables. They cover a good area and multiple trays at once. We use 3 side by side.

Julie F. from Fox's Alley Bowling Center
Posted on 2/16/2017

For the price of the heat lamps in comparison the others you will not be disappointed. Been using for a few months now and have no issues

Joe P. from mr and mrs p's
Posted on 2/14/2017

We've used this heat lamp at banquets to maintain the temp on food at our carving stations. While our chefs work to provide guests with freshly sliced prime rib, ham, or turkey, they never have to worry about serving cold food because of this lamp. We've also used it to maintain crisp exterior on fried and baked goods. It helps to have this for crispy foods because a steam table may cause the food to soften depending on what it is.

Michael H. from THG Foods, Inc.
Posted on 2/14/2017

We added this for the flexability of kitchen arrangement to keep fried foods warm during service hours. Would like a bit more heat from the lamps as we had to raise up the holding pan to get closer to the bulbs in order to achieve a hotter holding temperture. The price however out weights the effeciveness and well worth the investment.

Craig B. from Parsnipity Enterprises
Posted on 2/9/2017

My deli only uses a heat lamp to keep bacon warm. They run about 12 hours/day, and they seem to have a lifespan of a couple of years. I have purchased at least three different models and none lasted longer than 3 years. This is a very inexpensive heat lamp, so if it lasts two years I will be satisfied.

David M. from LENNYS SUBS
Posted on 1/26/2017

Food warmer with two bulb heat lamp. Perfect for keeping your fries, chicken fingers, or any food product warm. Very inexpensive and cost-efficient. Does a wonderful job doing what it was made to do

Russell H. from Russ' Sub Shack
Posted on 1/16/2017

Keeps food warm the way I was expecting. Bulbs last amazing well. Longer than I was expecting. Wish I would have purchased on that lowers but this lamp is well worth the price.

MyHanh D. from Gateway Eye Associates
Posted on 12/19/2016

good product, has lasted a long time and still works great. Keeps foods warm while other foods are cooking. The adjustable height feature has been nice to use for catering events for the meat carving station as well.

Andrew G. from Cutty's Okoboji Resort Club
Posted on 12/7/2016

The heating lamp arrived as manufacture defective item. I have to contact the customer serviceto get a replacement light bulb. The material is very light.

Barbie C. from Fork Slope
Posted on 11/28/2016

This is a great product. Good quality and the price is right. The height is easily adjustable and easy to assemble. The only downside is the location of the on/off switch.

Devorah W. from PS Kosher Food Works
Posted on 11/28/2016

This is a pretty good heat lamp considering the price. I wasn't sure how well it's going to do, and thought I'll give it a try first before buying more lamps. So far it hasn't given any issues.

Artur A. from Moldova Restaurant
Posted on 11/25/2016

Works well for my needs perfect upgrade for any kitchen to keep fried items hot until served, I m very satisfied with purchased item and cost.

Daniel D. from Heavens Kitchen
Posted on 11/18/2016

Adjustable height, very well balanced even on the highest level, good cord length and simple, attractive design. Pretty much everything you need in a heat lamp and of course, it keeps stuff hot!

Lee C. from October Catering
Posted on 11/14/2016

Arrived Shiny and ready to use. This heat lamp is very sturdy and so far is holding up to the loading and unloading we do regularly for events. Looking to purchase another one soon.

LaWanda K. from Q-Zeens LLC
Posted on 11/8/2016

This heat lamp keeps food hot and fresh. Works very well for fried foods, I've used it for catering garlic bread, tortillas, french fries and had success with all of them so far. Very good price as well!

Tyler W. from
Posted on 10/6/2016

Okay heat lamp for the price. We have to replace bulbs more frequently than with a previous make/model. But overall, it's sturdy and easy to clean.

Sherry B. from Y'all Come Eat
Posted on 10/2/2016