Avantco 177DPO1817 18" x 18" Square 13/16" Thick Cordierite Pizza Stone for Countertop Pizza Ovens

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Item #: 177DPO1817

  • Durable cordierite construction
  • Thicker stone allows for higher heat retention and a faster recovery to heat quickly and evenly
  • Creates a light, crispy crust
  • Perfect for pizza, cookies, stromboli, and bread
  • Designed to upgrade the baking stone that came with your Avantco countertop pizza oven

Create a light and crispy pizza crust with this Avantco 18" x 18" square cordierite pizza baking stone. This pizza stone is intended for use as an upgrade for the one that came with your countertop pizza oven. This stone is 13/16" thick for higher heat retention and faster recovery so you can cook more food without sacrificing heat loss. It is designed to distribute heat evenly and efficiently, resulting in consistently baked pizzas. Not just for pizzas, this stone can also be used to cook cookies, strombolis, and bread.

Made from durable cordierite material, this pizza stone will prove a useful tool in your bar, restaurant, or pizzeria. Perfect for lighter-duty applications, this pizza stone is a high quality option. Supply your pizzeria, restaurant, or bar with a durable, cost-efficient pizza stone like this Avantco cordierite pizza stone! This pizza baking stone is the perfect size for your DPO-18-S, DPO-18-DS, or DPO-18-DD pizza oven, or similar deck ovens that require an 18" x 18" stone deck. This stone should not be used for frozen foods, which may cause thermal shock and result in the stone cracking.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 18"
Width: 18"
Height: 13/16"