Avantco DPO-18-S Single Deck Countertop Pizza/Bakery Oven - 1700W, 120V

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Item #: 177DPO18S

  • Cordierite pizza deck holds up to an 18" diameter pizza
  • Cordierite deck is perfect for creating those crusted breads or pizza, and can fit up to a 16" pizza pan all with consistent and efficient cooking
  • Heavy-duty swing down door with a glass window and a coated door handle
  • Designed to accommodate stacking units up to 2 high
  • 1700W, 120V

If you want to offer deliciously-fresh pizza or other freshly-baked foods at your bar, concession business, or restaurant but have limited space, look no further than this compact Avantco DPO-18-S single deck countertop pizza oven! This small countertop oven is great for cooking pizzas up to 18" in diameter! Since this unit only has one deck, it is ideal for establishments that need to keep up with the high demand for a couple of key menu items. This oven can also be stacked up to 2 high with units from the same line (each sold separately) if you need increased capacity and versatility.

An electronic 30 minute timer with an audible alarm ensures perfect results every time, while an incredible 150 to 840 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range guarantees the versatility you need to create a selection of menu items in a small footprint. Independent on/off switches for top and bottom heating elements, a master on/off switch, a light on/off switch, and large stainless steel control knobs ensure simple, efficient operation.

This model has a 1/2" thick cordierite stone deck along with top and bottom elements to cook pizzas evenly. The large elements span the full cavity to reduce the need to rotate pizzas during the cooking process. The unit also has one heavy-duty swing down door for easy access and efficient loading and unloading. The door has a window that allows staff members to keep an eye on pizzas without opening the door and letting hot air escape. The door handle is made of stainless steel and has a rubber coating for insulation and a good grip.

The exterior of this oven is made of durable stainless steel while the interior of the cavity are aluminized steel. Each oven cavity comes equipped with a light to let you and your staff view what's cooking. To provide consistent interior temperatures and to maintain cool exterior temperatures, this pizza oven's body is fully insulated. This single deck countertop pizza oven comes complete with 5" adjustable bullet feet.

For best performance and even cooking, this oven is recommended for thin-crust pizzas cooked at 550 degrees Fahrenheit for 6-8 minutes. This method ensures that pizzas are fully cooked with even leoparding on the crust. This model requires a 120V electrical connection and has an output of 1700W.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 28"
Depth: 23 1/4"
Height: 15 3/4"

Chamber Dimensions:
Width: 18 5/16"
Depth: 18 5/16"
Height: 4"

Customer Reviews

We are an old-school pizza restaurant that has been using the same slate-floor pizza ovens since 1969. We recently had an opportunity to participate in a vendor fair to show off our services as a caterer. We wanted to provide samples, using 16" pizzas, that were accurate to our restaurant pizzas and only had 110v electric to work with. There aren't many ovens on the market that can do all that and this is by far the most reasonable. This little oven did the trick! We did a par-baked crust instead of raw dough, like we do in the restaurant, for ease of transport. Our pies are thin crust with generous sauce and cheese. We found that bringing the oven up to 500F on the dial running both elements, then putting the pizza directly on the stone. Once the cheese started a feverish bubble, we shut off the lower element and go another 4 or 5 minutes. We turn the lower element back on a minute or 2 before it is done to get it ready for the next pie. All in about 10 minutes to cook. and we had no issues going one after another. We were very impressed by this little oven! Crust was crispy, toppings were thoroughly cooked, and people raved about our pizza at the show. I can't speak for longevity yet, but at this point I have to highly recommend this oven and it easily earns 5 stars for its performance.

Ned's Pizza from
Posted on 8/25/2023 12:00:00 AM

Bought 2 of these ovens from Webrestaraunt . Bought them less than a week apart. Both came with handles bent and one actually fell off. I took the handle to my friends machine shop and had them drill a hole and thread it so I could put a screw in it. Second one came with dents in it, with the side panel detached( screws were never installed., I fixed that too. WebRestaraunt was very nice and gave me a discount for the damages. Now as far as their performance… the last one ordered will not go to 800, much less 840! The first I ordered will get to 800 in about an hour . Neither reach temps as advertised. Bottoms on both, evidently get hotter than the top because the bottom can get much hotter than the top element . The heating dial does not match the deck temps inside, not even close. There should not be 4” between the upper and lower deck. The bottom will get done before the top will! These units are basically junk but… once you test cook and figure out it’s limitations.. you can turn out some nice pizzas! The problem is… the only other option is the Waring brand and it gets the same kind of reviews and doesn’t have a viewing window! I just don’t understand why the manufacturer can’t spend just a little more time on build quality!!! If they would, these could be great ovens… but they’re NOT!

Jenifer H Hall from The Feed Meal
Posted on 7/13/2022 12:00:00 AM

We're a small bar/restaurant and this pizza oven has worked well for us. It still keeps working after 2 years with our long daily use and demands. Only issue is both ovens door handle has broken and fallen off early on. Everything else still works great. Just ordered another one.

Ian Hatch from The Temple Hilo Hawaii
Posted on 5/10/2022 12:00:00 AM