Avantco IC3500 Countertop Induction Range / Cooker - 208-240V, 3500W

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Item #: 177IC3500

  • 10 1/4" max bottom pan diameter; great for fry pans
  • 3500W means quicker cooking times compared to standard induction ranges
  • Automatically switches to standby mode when pan is removed
  • Durable stainless steel body with 110 lb. suggested weight capacity
  • No open flame makes this a safer alternative to conventional countertop ranges

This Avantco IC3500 countertop induction range delivers superior usability and performance for all your cooking needs! With innovative technology capable of heating up in as little as 1 minute, this induction burner is perfect for use in cooking applications that require quick heat up times and fast recovery such as buffet tables, banquet halls, and cruise ships. And, since there's no open flame or exposed burner, this induction unit is safer than conventional countertop ranges. Plus, this range boasts a sleek, stainless steel design for a professional look that will impress your guests, while being easy to clean.

For added convenience, a built-in 180 min. timer allows you to keep track of your culinary creations, and you can cook using either a power level / wattage mode (500-3500W), or a temperature mode that ranges from 140 - 460 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place an induction-ready pan or pot on the cooking surface and turn it on! This induction cooker is compatible with induction-ready pans that have a bottom diameter between 4 3/4" and 10 1/4". For added convenience, the cooker enters "standby" mode when the pan is removed from the surface. This unit requires a 240V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 12 7/8"
Depth: 16 3/8"
Height: 4 1/64"

Customer Reviews

Amazing for high power cooking or very fast boiling. But does not maintain lower temperatures perfectly - instead it will only simulate a lower temperature by briefly switching of/on. Timer function is very limited. Timer always starts at 180 minutes - if you want 5 minutes, you have to press -temp button 35 times (you cant just hold down -temp until you get there). The logic of how to use timer, power, and temperature settings is very confusing. The p[rice is good though.

Ken Douglass from Ken Douglass
Posted on 6/27/2022 12:00:00 AM

First, you can easily get the timer to zero by using the plus key when it defaults to 180, it will zero out, then you can work upwards instead of downwards. The low speeds do work, however, there's a trick to that, as well. You have to have the glass at the right temperature, and that will require either heating or cooling it to around the temp you set for the low heat levels. Put a pan onto the burner when cold it will not work for simmer or warm, period, because the glass will tell the sensor that things need more heat. But as the warmth of the pot heats the glass then the system begins to equilibrate, seek an average level. It's true this won't give you exact low temperatures no matter what. The good: This model, unlike the last one from 2014, which I have, has two cooling fans, which is much better than the one the old one had. Yay. The bad: 1. Cooking---The timer only has 5 minute increments which is useless even if you only want to cook pasta. For spaghetti you need 7 minutes al dente, for ziti you need 12 minutes for al dente. So, which do you choose, 5, 10, 15? It will come out wrong no matter what. The purpose of a timer is TIME. Few people would need seconds, I can understand that could be too complex, but 5 minutes isn't a cooking timer, it's a PORCH LIGHTS TIMER. 2. Heating up---Due to the long 5 minutes minimum, You can't set it on high for a minute or two and walk away while the high heat works to speed up your cooking anymore like you could with the old one, since 5 minutes could burn your food and your pan. You have to use 5 minutes and a lower heat level, maybe half or even less of the capacity of this high performance burner. So what's the use in having the high power if you have to stand there, just get a lower power one, set the timer for 5 minutes and walk away. This defeats the speed advantage to an annoying degree for me. On the older model, I put the pressure cooker on, set for 3 minutes, walk away, it's pressured and ready, turn down the power, and I'm done. With this one, I need to hang around 3 minutes using another timer somewhere and catch it before it blows up. This isn't a timer for much, like I said porch lights is about it. I appreciate the machines quality and power, I'll use it along with my older one with the 1 minute interval timer, rather than the new one, keep that as a desperate backup I guess. It's just stupid someone slipped in a 5 minute minimal time on such a powerful machine, makes no sense at all to me. Bob

Robert Luhrs from
Posted on 12/10/2022 12:00:00 AM