Avantco 177PCASTERS Locking Caster with Leg for Avantco 177STE Steam Tables - 4/Pack

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Item #: 177PCASTERS

  • Use for Avantco 177STE steam tables
  • Adds mobility to your unit
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
  • Brake provides stability during equipment operation
  • Swap out the original steam table leg with the one included to attach the caster

Equip your Avantco 177STE steam table with the convenience of mobility by using this Avantco locking caster. A mobile steam table is easy to roll aside for service or cleaning, making it easy to work around as needed. Plus, because the caster includes a brake, it holds the steam table in place for safe operation during the day.

To use, swap out the original leg on the steam table for the one included. This leg securely attaches the caster to the table.