Avantco 177PCPO1611 Crumb Tray

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Item #: 177PCPO1611

  • Works with your Avantco CPO16 pizza / snack oven
  • Collects crumbs and debris to keep your oven clean
  • Easy to remove and dispose of crumbs
  • Direct replacement

Use the Avantco 177PCPO1611 crumb tray as a direct replacement for the one that came with your Avantco CPO16 countertop pizza / snack oven! This tray catches the crumbs that fall to the bottom of your oven and allows you to easily dispose of them. It prevents debris from collecting in your oven and burning, causing smoke and a bad odor. Replace a worn or damaged crumb tray right away so that you can keep your pizza oven clean and smoke-free!