Avantco 177PCPO1617 Baking Rack

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Item #: 177PCPO1617

  • Works with your Avantco CPO16 pizza / snack oven
  • Holds your pizzas as they cook
  • Wire design allows pizzas to cook evenly
  • Direct replacement

Use the Avantco 177PCPO1617 baking rack as a direct replacement for the one that came with your Avantco CPO16 countertop pizza / snack oven! This rack holds your pizza as it cooks and easily slides out of the oven when it's ready to come out. Featuring a wire design, the rack allows the pizza to cook evenly and helps to create a crispy crust. Replace a worn or damaged baking rack so that you can continue to use your oven to make delicious pizzas that your customers will love!