Avantco 177PMG222 #22 Grinding Chamber Head

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Item #: 177PMG222

  • Direct replacement for original part
  • Houses the grinder system parts
  • Supports the feed tray

If the grinding chamber head on your Avantco MG22 is damaged, this 177PMG222 grinding chamber serves as a direct replacement. This part houses the entire auger assembly, plates, and virtually all of the food contact parts on your grinder. It also serves as the front support for your meat grinder's feed tray, so it's important to inspect it regularly for signs of damage and replace if the need arises.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 8 1/8"
Width: 3 1/2"
Height: 8" California AB1200 Information:  This product contains chemical substances [Manganese and manganese compounds, Iron, Chromium and Chromium Compounds, Nickel and Nickel Compounds] relevant to CA AB1200. For more information about chemicals in this product, visit Clark Associates' AB1200 disclosure page. Información sobre California AB1200:  Este producto contiene sustancias [Manganeso y compuestos de manganeso, Hierro, Cromo y Compuestos de Cromo, Níquel y Compuestos de Níquel] químicas relevantes para CA AB 1200. Para obtener más información sobre las sustancias químicas de este producto, visite: Clark Associates' AB1200 página de divulgación.