Avantco PPF40 40 lb. Floor Potato Peeler - 120V, 1 1/2 hp

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Item #: 177PPF40

  • Peels up to 40 lb. of potatoes per 5 minute cycle
  • Large abrasive peeling disc can also peel onions and garlic
  • Simple controls with 5 minute timer
  • Lid sensor turns unit off when cover is removed for safety
  • Powerful 1 1/2 hp motor; 120V, 1100W

Peel potatoes with ease and efficiency using this Avantco PPF40 40 lb. floor potato peeler. Designed to peel 40 lb. of potatoes in 5 minutes, this peeler features an easy to load hopper and abrasive metallic disc for thorough peeling. Ideal for use in high-volume establishments that want to add potatoes, soups, and stews to the menu without extensive prep time, this peeler is perfect for use in healthcare facilities and schools. The clear lid allows staff to monitor progress during the cycle without risking injury or mess by opening the lid. For added safety, the unit will not operate the abrasive disc unless the lid is closed. This peeler has an on/off button, a pulse button, and a 5 minute timer to set the operating cycle.

The peeler sits on the floor, freeing up valuable counter space and keeping the hopper at a comfortable working height for staff. Equipped with a single phase, 1 1/2 hp motor this sturdy floor model peeler can also peel garlic, onions, and carrots. It includes a 3/4" hose and easy-to-use ball valve to add water to assist in the peeling process. A drain hose on the bottom of the unit removes waste water allowing it to be released into a floor drain or bucket. It comes with a discharge pan to collect waste allowing for quick clean up and disposal. The large door on the chute also has a handle so it can be lifted away to release the potatoes once peeling is complete. This unit requires a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 24 1/2"
Depth: 21 1/4"
Height: 39 1/4" California AB1200 Information:  This product contains chemical substances relevant to CA AB1200. For more information about chemicals in this product, visit Clark Associates' AB1200 disclosure page. Información sobre California AB1200:  Este producto contiene sustancias químicas relevantes para CA AB 1200. Para obtener más información sobre las sustancias químicas de este producto, visite: Clark Associates' AB1200 página de divulgación.

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