Avantco F100 10 lb. Electric Countertop Fryer - 120V, 1750W

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Item #: 177F100

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction; boasts carrying handles and an easy-to-clean removable fry tank
  • Thermostatic controls allow for precise temperature control between 120 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1750W of frying power in a large 10 lb. capacity tank
  • Fryer basket has front hangers and a coated heat resistant handle for comfortable use
  • Night cover and bottom crumb tray included

The Avantco F100 10 lb. electric countertop fryer is perfect for light-duty applications like delis, small sandwich shops, and concession stands. It is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel that's durable and easy to clean. A temperature control switch allows for adjustment between 120 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit. The Avantco single countertop fryer requires a 120V electrical connection.

This unit is not designed for constant, heavy use.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 10 1/2"
Front to Back: 17"
Height: 11 1/2"

Tank Dimensions:
Left to Right: 9 1/2"
Front to Back: 12"
Height: 6"

Oil Capacity:
6 liters (1.5 gallons)

Customer Reviews

We are very happy with this counter top fryer! It is a great size to accommodate our small fried ricotta donuts. Its compact size doesn’t make it too bulky on the counter.

Jessica M. from Botto's Bakery
Posted on 10/15/2019

I ordered this table top fryer as a backup. It arrived in 1 day and works great for my sushi bar. Great inexpensive alternative that is well made and ready right out of the box.

Jason M. from CRG Management
Posted on 9/2/2019

Great for small orders that you may want to keep separate from your larger fryers. Heats up quickly and so far has held up well to demand.

Debbie B. from The Mic Stand Bar and Grill
Posted on 7/29/2019

The product has been amazing on the food truck. It has been an inexpensive way cook fried items. I would highly recommend this product for any food trucker if you are light cooking fried food.

William L. from Renowned Food
Posted on 6/18/2019

Bought the fryer for a church fish fry, it work perfect ,clean up was easy. Would recommend for home use as well..We use is in side and out side,

Carol c. from Sugar&Spice
Posted on 6/18/2019

love this electric fryer the temp got nice and hot for frying taco bowls and not burn you could heat up two- three at a time

Julia S. from la perla jarocha
Posted on 6/15/2019

Great buy! I bought this fryer on sale too! Great for cooking a large quantity. Also counter top size is a plus! I use this for most of my fried items. Easy to clean.

Tiffany L. from
Posted on 6/1/2019

I bought this for an annual New Years Eve party a couple of years ago, not for a business, and it's an excellent fryer. because it takes up a good chunk of counter space we only use it a few times a year, but it has made those parties SO much easier (and tastier) than trying to deal with a regular household sized electric fryer or a stovetop kettle with oil. The storage cover protects the oil so you can use it for several days in a row. Once you pour out the used oil then cleanup is a lot easier than I was fearing.

Betina J. from
Posted on 5/24/2019

Love my new fryer. Easy to use and clean. No mess to clean up. Where have you been all my life. Just like the restaurant, quick, fast & easy

Sylvia M. from
Posted on 4/26/2019

Very surprised as the efficiency of this unit. Heats up quickly and the price was the best we could find on the internet. Shipping was quick as always.

Daniel P. from
Posted on 4/19/2019

Just the right size for my kitchen. Heat up oil quickly. I use this for all my deep-fried needs. From candied pecans to deep-fried Oreos!

Michael B. from E.MA Daycare LLC
Posted on 3/19/2019

Where has this fryer been my whole life? Ok I have never used a fryer before so I can't compare them with any other fryer--but all I can say is that using this is WAY better than frying on top of our electric stove top with a pot of oil! I love how quickly everything cooks and how easy it is to take a part and clean. I am really happy we bought this.

Sharon D. from Ferndale High School
Posted on 3/18/2019

Perfect size when you need something that is portable. I am a caterer and when a venue does not have a deep fryer this is easy to transport and does the job. I often carry it with me to events with a bag of chicken nuggets for the little kids. Sometimes they get forgotten about and when I say to moms I can make them nuggets they are so happy. It turns a crying kid into a happy kid.

Diane S. from
Posted on 3/11/2019

The electric countertop fryer is a great buy it saves time and you get a whole lot fried at one time, this is a must buy for any catering event. Highly recommended.

sonia H. from
Posted on 2/21/2019

We are just avid Foodie Hime Chef’s... Where has this been all Our Life ... We Get Professional Quality Food in The Convienience of our Own Home...So Easy To Use... and far Superior than the Consumer ones that You can Find. The Hardwire Plug is Fantastic... We Absolutely Love ?? It!!!! Unbelievable Price, Easy To Clean...

Kelly Z. from Zehco Sales and Marketing
Posted on 2/19/2019

This stainless steel fryer is easy to clean and oil get hot fast and this fryer basket is really good long handle and plastic grip on handle so it’s not feeling any hot.

Niki j. from Paradise shaved ice
Posted on 2/3/2019

Works great. But is not meant for continuous cooking. Cannot raise temp quick enough after dropping in cold. So you get what you pay for.

Ruben S. from El Capitan Cocina
Posted on 1/30/2019

Excellent fryer. My first buy was almost two years ago and its still frying like its new! I currently have two now and they’re perfect for my small kitchen.

Octavio R. from La Cruda Seafood
Posted on 12/30/2018

We bought 2 of these for our sandwich shop for doing our fries. It keeps up when we are doing a lot of them, is pretty easy to clean and doesn't require the fire suppression hood. The price on them was great also.

Larry A. from Park Falls Variety Store
Posted on 11/28/2018

This is a basic countertop electric fryer that uses a standard 120v outlet. Fit our needs perfectly for frying diced potatoes for breakfast bowls and burritos. While it seems to perform well for our needs, I can see how the size and recovery time could be inadequate for larger volume operations. One thing to note is that the protective plastic coating is difficult to remove, like seriously a pain.

Chris L. from Souper Subs
Posted on 11/20/2018

Love this deep fryer! I have it in my home and it makes cooking so east. I.like that it's easy to clean and it has an over night cover

Daellion G. from
Posted on 11/15/2018

Avantco F100 10 lb. Electric Countertop Fryer - 120V, 1750W is a great product we will be ordering more for our shops in the near future I am sure

Herman H. from In-stock supply inc
Posted on 11/9/2018

This fryer is great for small jobs and orders! It is easy to breakdown and clean and holds the cook temp pretty well. You just can't beat the price for this thing!!

Matt F. from
Posted on 11/7/2018

We haven't had this long but it heats up quickly and hold heats well. Fryer maintains temperature even as you fry things from frozen. Easy to clean. We're happy with it so far.

Shaun M. from
Posted on 10/20/2018

We love this fryer. We brought this for our food stand. It is light weight and easy to clean. It fries fast and it gets really hot. We can my four order with one drop. The fryer looks exactly like the picture.

Christina H. from Robin 2 my Rescue
Posted on 9/15/2018

Fried chicken and sweet potato fries in this fryer. Everything came out crispy and delicious. The oil can withstand high temperatures. I really loved using this fryer. I would recommend over the cheaper ones sold at other stores.

Jamyce D. from 7574699952
Posted on 8/18/2018

Great for a small place. We use primarily for specials the we do and has held up great for the abuse we put it through.

Erika S. from ShuBrew
Posted on 8/17/2018

This is a great fryer for a kitchen that fries minimally. It's small size makes it easy to move from place to place and to store as well. It is the perfect size fryer for us.

Marianna H. from Marianna High School
Posted on 8/9/2018

This fryer is an excellent value for those looking to add a small fryer to your operation. The temperature control is accurate and allows control between 160-370 degrees.

Robert P. from Revive Catering
Posted on 6/28/2018

incredible perfect fryer for all kinds of work, little, medium, or a lot of work, and with its great price I think it makes it even better

Humberto T. from home use
Posted on 6/10/2018

Convenient product for frying small baskets of items or small desserts such as funnel cakes. Heats up relatively quickly (about 5 minutes) and fries evenly. Check the fire code in your area before ordering because it is considered open flame and may need to be kept under a hooded area.

Jennifer B. from The Hungry Seagull
Posted on 5/22/2018

Works as it should Keeps temp and is of good quality. Easy to clean and is safe. Will buy again if we build another truck.

Jon M. from Mimi's Cookies N' Creamery
Posted on 4/17/2018

I was tired of using a fry daddy and needed an electric fryer and wanted one with a basket so that grease can be used more times. This is the perfect size and so portable to take camping or to a relatives house for fish fry.

Mary L. from
Posted on 4/17/2018

Wow, I absolutely love this product. Fits perfectly in your kitchen and can used for multiple tasks for your kitchen/ restaurant needs and wants, strongly recommend this for your kitchen. It’s a life saver.

Antony s. from TOMMY'S PIZZA
Posted on 4/14/2018

I order one of this fryer and I like it so much is very easy to use I will recommend it for people to buy it

Oluwatayo A. from Home used
Posted on 4/3/2018