Avantco F102 20 lb. Dual Tank Electric Countertop Fryer - 120V, 3500W

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Item #: 177F102

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction; boasts carrying handles and easy-to-clean removable fry tanks
  • Individual tank thermostatic controls range from 120 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Uses 3500 watts of frying power total in 2 large 10 lb. capacity tanks
  • Fryer baskets have front hangers and coated heat resistant handles for comfortable use
  • Night covers and bottom crumb trays included

This Avantco F102 20 lb. dual tank countertop fryer is suitable for light duty applications such as delis, sandwich shops, and concession stands. With a 15-minute heat-up time, this fryer is ready to use in no time! Each removable tank has a capacity of 6 liters (1.5 gallons), and the unit uses 20 lb. of shortening. Additionally, each tank has its own temperature switch with a range of 120 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit. You don't even have to use both sides, since each fryer has its own cord.

Additional accessories include a night cover for each tank, and 2 fryer baskets. The Avantco double countertop fryer requires a 120V, 3500W electrical connection, with each pot having a wattage of 1750W.

This unit is not designed for constant, heavy use.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 21 1/2"
Front to Back: 17"
Height: 11 1/2"

Tank Dimensions:
Left to Right: 9 1/2"
Front to Back: 12"
Height: 6"

Total Oil Capacity:
12 liters (3 gallons)

Customer Reviews

Great fryer! Heats up quickly! Love how it has to separate compartments for frying different items. Nice fryer for the price. Would definitely purchase again.

Lorrie B. from
Posted on 7/26/2019

Incredible low cost alternative to fry our gluten free items. We fry all gluten free products in this fryer so there is no chance of getting gluten in the product.

Jason M. from CRG Management
Posted on 5/27/2019

works well in a small kitchen you don't have to worry to put a hood. easy to used deep fray anything in seconds with heat

Ken from Lelacs
Posted on 5/21/2019

Love! Love! Love! This fryer. It is so easy to clean and heats up nice and even. Does take a bit of time to heat up for the first time each day, but once it gets to temperature it's amazing! The handle on the baskets do leave a lot to be desired. They just snap out of place causing the basket to topple the contents out haphazardly. Works ok as long as you are over the table or counter and not the floor.

Sandra P. from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant
Posted on 5/16/2019

The Avantco countertop far exceeded my expectations of it. For the price it’s definitely value for money. If you’re using the fryer and it chips out, no need to worry just press the reset button at the back of the fryer and it will turn right on...

Karen D. from Frosty Blendz
Posted on 5/14/2019

Love that we switched from gas to electric fryers! Saves money, MUCH easier to clean and you don’t have to have them both on if you don’t need them both on.

Kristen W. from Dickeys
Posted on 3/20/2019

Ordered this fryer for home use. Heats up quickly and evenly. Have been completely satisfied with this product. Really like fact that for its size 2 different foods can be fried at the same time.

Chris S. from
Posted on 2/3/2019

Great dual fryer! This is perfect for a food truck or small restaurants. It works very well and it is very powerful, 120V, 3500 watts

Daellion G. from
Posted on 11/15/2018

The Avantco F102 20 lb. Dual Tank Electric Countertop Fryer - 120V, 3500W is a great product we will be ordering more for our shops in the near future I am sure

Herman H. from In-stock supply inc
Posted on 11/9/2018

Works very well. Heats up quickly, and easy to take apart to clean. Only con against it is that there could be a splash guard added to it to help with cleanliness. Oil will splash out everywhere leaving a little more mess to clean up each evening. Otherwise, great product for price.

Timothy P. from Mexican Grill
Posted on 11/3/2018

Love love love this fryer I don’t have to fry the fries in the same grease as the fish and that’s really great for allergen easy to clean

Cassandra S. from Los purple orchid cafe
Posted on 10/2/2018

That's already our second Avantco and we have one more to buy, as of today we have never experienced any huge issues. Definitely worth buying!

Marc C. from Tatering
Posted on 9/30/2018

Purchased 2 sets of these and for the money you can't beat it. They work great, easy to assemble and disassemble and VERY VERY easy to use.

Wesley Y. from Hanaro Sushi
Posted on 8/22/2018

Good small size deep fryer and great function of adjustable tempresure. Two basket can folded and keep in place very neat and organized. Love it.

Kantiya N. from Pithound
Posted on 8/18/2018

This Avantco F102 20 lb. Dual Tank Electric Countertop Fryer was a wondeful addition ot our business. It made everything so much easier. I do not know how we managed without it

Deith B. from
Posted on 8/10/2018

We love this fryer. It fits the table perfectly. If needed you can use on side for appetizers and the other for chicken. Chicken grease needs to be changed a little more often. Easy clean up

Reva C. from Heaven in A Cup
Posted on 8/8/2018

This machine works perfectly. So easy to assemble and little effort to fry delicious food in! It was shipped very fast and price is adorable

Diane M. from Cape May Pickles and Preserves
Posted on 6/18/2018

I haven’t used it but it’s set up in my kitchen. It gets warm really fast. A lot bigger than I was expecting but that’s great. We will be using these fryers for funnel cakes and deep fried oreos

Sade K. from Candy on main
Posted on 4/26/2018

I have had this item for about 2 years. It is great to use and fry your food quick. I love the double baskets it has

Amanda G. from Griffin's Kitchen
Posted on 4/25/2018

this machine is built to out-perform all others in its class, this 20 lb. dual tank fryer is perfect for light-duty applications like delis, small sandwich shops, and concession stands.

Antony s. from TOMMY'S PIZZA
Posted on 4/14/2018

This deep fryer is great each side can be used for different things. You can use one side don't need to use both to cook

Michael v. from American championship entertainment
Posted on 4/6/2018

Hands down the best table top fryer on the market, doesn't use too much power and the baskets are the perfect size! And the company is great about help!

Kyle F. from Just Salad
Posted on 4/1/2018

Fantastic fryer, especially for the price! We use these for deep frying our samosas. If we add any other fried items to the menu, I have no doubt this fryer will be able to handle the extra workload!

Ronald P. from
Posted on 3/27/2018

Very fast heating and even cooking. I love that it is 2 separate units all together with 2 separate electrical cords. Some days I only have to use 1 side and so that makes it very easy to not accidentally have the other side heating all day even when its not being used. The hardest thing about assembly was getting the shrink wrap off after unpacking it, talk about a nightmare.

Latara B. from Hazels Eastside Cafe
Posted on 3/18/2018

For this price, this is a deal and a life saver. My commercial deep fryer was delivered to me faulty from ebay and this came right in time to save my life. I'm still using this daily for 2 months commercially and i haven't had a problem as yet.

Dudley G. from Dudeo's
Posted on 11/22/2017

My company is doing very well with this product. I can cook 12 whole chicken wings in each fryer. I serve about 100 people, 2 days a week. It heats up in about 20 mins

Taverous S. from
Posted on 11/19/2017

We at Big Chris catering and takeout use this dual countertop fryer to fry fish on Friday and fried biscuits. It is a great item

Casandra B. from Big Chris Catering
Posted on 11/5/2017

This counter-top fryer is a great addition to a small kitchen. It keeps heat very good, easy to clean, and it is perfect for our needs

Lucia D. from The Cozy Cannoli Company
Posted on 10/20/2017

For the price this little thing is a life saver and a work horse for a small kitchen that can't fit a floor model fryer. We thought it wouldn't last long because we use it a lot but its still kicking hard!

Kevin J. from Commune
Posted on 10/12/2017

We love this product. It has a quick recovery time to keep up with our demand. We use it twice a week in our kitchen and take it with us for our catering events, Easy to maintain, In the reviews i read someone mentioned they had trouble with the basket handles, We have never had an issue with them and love the that they flod in for storage and transport. This is a great addition for any kitchen.

Danial C. from Cafe dj
Posted on 9/19/2017

This fryer is well constructed easily cleaned , and just right for small to medium thru put. Would diffinately recommend to anyone. Websturant's quick shipping was great.

Russell M. from Russ's Diner
Posted on 8/12/2017