Avantco PS6LID Replacement Lid Assembly for S600 Soup Kettles

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Item #: 177PS6LID

  • Works with Avantco S600 soup kettles
  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Prevents heat loss

If your Avantco soup kettle warmer's lid is missing or broken, replace it with this Avantco PS6LID to ensure that your foods are properly insulated and protected from contamination! By preventing heat loss, this lid will help your warmer operate more efficiently and ensure that your guests always get food that is held at proper temperatures. This lid is a direct replacement for the one that came with your unit and works with your soup kettle warmer to ensure that it stays in top condition for as long as possible. Equipped with a durable hinge assembly, this lid allows easy opening and closing for service! Plus, it has a notch to accommodate serving utensils.