Avantco SL312 12" Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer - 1/3 hp

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Item #: 177SL312

  • Razor sharp 12" stainless steel blade cuts slices up to 1/2" thick
  • Easy to use built-in sharpener ensures you blade stays like new
  • Adjustable thickness knob allows for precise slicing down to 1/16"
  • High quality aluminum construction with a 11" x 11" product tray
  • Manual feed carriage glides smoothly for easy operation and is removable for cleaning

This Avantco SL312 12" manual gravity feed slicer features a compact design that's ideal for small operations where space is at a premium! It's great for slicing vegetables and processed meat, and it's easy to use with an adjustable slice thickness from 1/16" to 1/2".

The Avantco 12" slicer is made of top quality aluminum for durability, and it comes with a built-in sharpening assembly. For easy cleaning, the meat carriage is removable, and it also has a fixed ring guard for safety. The slicer's stainless steel blade is belt-driven by a 1/3 hp motor.

This slicer is excellent for low-volume applications of less than 1 hour of slicing per day. It is not suitable for continuous, heavy use, raw or frozen meat, or cheese.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 20"
Depth: 22"
Height: 16"
Maximum Product Size: 9" x 7"

Customer Reviews

I purchased this a couple weeks ago, so my use of this deli slicer is limited. I love the quiet purr of the slicer when in use. I removed the little plate behind the slicing blade. I also left the sharpener off, so not to accumulate debris. It kicks up a little bit of meat debris, but it seems to only happen when using a very thin setting. This slicer is fairly easy to clean, assuming there is a way to let water and sanitizer to drain over it. Remember to remove the plate in front of the blade to get that clean and sanitized as well. In the online description, I thought it said for slicing cheese as well, however, the instruction booklet stated that the model I purchased does not slice cheese. :-/

Jennifer L. from Boxcar Bistro
Posted on 5/8/2020

Great for the price, been using for 2 years and its still holding strong! Would buy again if we were in need of another slicer

Kali G. from
Posted on 4/12/2020

Great slicer, easy to use. I have never ever used a sliced. Frankly I was very scared i cutting my finger off. But this slicer is great for beginners. Its simple to use, very safe and easy to clean. I havent lost a finger or hand yet!

Vicki from Fergy's
Posted on 4/9/2020

Avantco SL312 12" Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer - 1/3 hp is very good product. Brand is very good. webstaurant store cutomer service is very good.

Muhammed Y. from Low Price Supply Inc
Posted on 2/24/2020

This product is excellent so far. I own a 3 service restaurant, and use the slicer frequently I was a little worried at first about the heavy use of this machine, as i had a pretty large Hobart slicer prior. It has passed the test so far. My only complaint is there is a small crevice that is nearly impossible to clean unless you get a tool to completely remove the blade. I use a decent size "pip cleaner" style brush instead.

Nick C. from
Posted on 1/19/2020

Great price for this product. We have been using it for almost 4 years and it still works great. We are a very busy restaurant so it gets used a lot, highly recommend.

Phillip J. from
Posted on 1/4/2020

Avantco SL309 12" Manual Gravity Feed Meat Slicer - 1/3 hp is a solid tool. We are happy to have this. It is reliable and still works well for us.

Distribution W. from
Posted on 11/30/2019

Great meat slicer. I have had mine for a few years with no problems. I would recommend it to any one in a restaurant. Cleans up fairly easy as well.

Carlene G. from galbreaths country buffet
Posted on 10/1/2019

Works perfect for our daily use of slicing prime and other lunch meats as well as onions. Simple machine, easy to clean. And very affordable. The size is perfect, doesn’t take up too much counter space. Just wish the slicing options went a little higher for thickness, but hasn’t been a real big issue.

Tyler S. from The Junction
Posted on 6/5/2019

this slicer is definitely a great deal for what you pay. the blades are super sharp (and can be sharpened on the slicer) and it doesn't take up a large footprint. it slices everything as thin or thick as i need and is pretty easy to disassemble and clean.

Elliot A. from Whole Health Dentistry
Posted on 5/30/2019

We spent a lot of time finding a meat slicer within our budget and we are so happy we got this one, easy to clean, great thin slicing, very please with this machine,

Ioana H. from
Posted on 5/26/2019

We've head this slicer for about 6 months now. It works well for the amount of items we slice on it and is very smooth. Good slicer for medium usage.

Marion B. from
Posted on 4/14/2019

After using hobart and globe brand slicers in the past, this machine handles any job just as good as the other brands. I will be the same one in the future!

Jeff P. from
Posted on 4/8/2019

This meat slicer from Avantco has really helped us save money. We are able to buy large quantities of meat and slice it ourselves for our crepes. It is smooth and easy to use. Would recommend buying!

Rob W. from
Posted on 2/6/2019

Fine piece of equipment here, we use it for a bunch of different items, never has failed us. Easy to clean and by far my favorite slicer made! Great buy!

Kyle F. from Just Salad
Posted on 4/1/2018

The size options are really what i needed. The arm that is usted to cut the Meat is really smooth and Easy to put. Great machine for our restaurant.

Juan P. from TACO LOCO
Posted on 1/16/2018

This is a decent slicer for the money. It has a built in sharpener and an adjustable size selector. Definetely does the job for the money.

Kevin M. from Crazy Crepe
Posted on 12/8/2017

It is a nice product. It works good, and is very easy to use. If you are starting your business it will good for you-expecially for the price-, but for professional use I don't recommend it.

Victoria L. from
Posted on 11/25/2017

For the price this slicer is not a bad deal. If you are looking for a high quality slicer-this is really no it. There is not a lot of safety feature with this slicer as with some of the higher quality ones. For minimal amount of slicing and a low cost option-this is the best product out there.

Charles C. from discovery Village at Naples
Posted on 9/29/2017

This is a nice Slicer, it last 2 years and 8 months the motor went out.. Dad's is open from 7 am to 10 pm. 7 days a week. We just got the next model up with the 1/2 HP motor. Hope to get 5 years or more out of this one.

Charles L. from Dad's Bar & Grill Restaurant in Empire La.
Posted on 7/31/2017

This slicer was way better then expected, I bought it 4 years ago and its still going strong. Works great for my pizzeria cutting various cold cuts. Lowpriced but very good slicer.

Anthony S. from Bacio Pizza
Posted on 7/26/2017

Great item! I shopped around thinking that the price of slicers resulted in their quality and I was wrong. This slicer holds up to daily use at two different restaurants and has never had an issue.

Chris E. from The Grumpy Monk
Posted on 7/2/2017

For the number of times that we use this slicer (which is about medium duty), it met our expectation for the price. It works great and is easy to clean. I would not recommend it for a business that needs a heavy duty slicer.

Joseph M. from Buon Amici Winery
Posted on 6/6/2017

After searching and searching on different websites. We were happy to find exactly what we were looking for. And it's brand-new and a wonderful price point. This meat slicer will serve our diner for a long time

Russell H. from Lake Street Diner
Posted on 5/22/2017

This slicer is light weight and easy to go from place to place. Perfect addition for off site events. Easy to clean and store. Worth the money.

Janice W. from Epting Events
Posted on 4/26/2017

Purchased this for my new deli and love it, so easy to use and clean. Would totally recommend this product, can not beat the price and quality.

Darlene L. from Triangle Store & Deli
Posted on 3/20/2017

I've only used this a few times so far, but it's been awesome. Slicing things super see-through thin and thicker with no problems. I almost got the bigger motor model but I think that would have been a waste of money and this guy works great.

Mark N. from
Posted on 1/13/2017

I've been using this for the last couple months and its been perfect. Being able to adjust the thickness is great and the bigger tray size allows for bigger slices.

Tu T. from
Posted on 12/5/2016

Brought the slicer to to slice homemade slabs of bacon. No issues cutting through a frozen slab of bacon creating uniform thickness slices. I was even able to cut slabs wider than product tray by tilting the slab and feeding it into the blade.

Tom H. from
Posted on 11/29/2016

This product works as it should. Webstaurant's prices are by far the best around! I am a huge fan of all their items, so happy to have found Webstaurant!

Jo F. from Pomodoros Cucina Italiana
Posted on 10/8/2016

this 12 inch slicer is very easy to use and operate. The shipment came in very quickly and with no damages. I would recommend this slicer to everyone

Kim W. from Kendall's Bagel & More...
Posted on 9/6/2016

Great slicer. We have been using it for daily deli. Works great and no issues. We aren't high volume with the deli meats, but do cut with it each day without any issues.

Perry F. from Charleston Sports Pub
Posted on 8/7/2016

This is one great machine right here! Cleans and works amazing! Cuts to any thickness you want, from lunch-meats to steaks to pretty much anything you want!

Randy D. from Tightline Connection
Posted on 6/28/2016

This is serving its purpose in my small cafe, it replaced a more expensive machine, but we use it mostly for veggies , fresh beef roasts and not more than an hour a day..if you need a light duty slicer this is fine

Donna H. from
Posted on 5/5/2016