Avantco W50 12" x 20" Full Size Electric Countertop Food Warmer - 120V, 1200W

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Item #: 177W50

  • Maintains foodsafe temperatures for hours
  • Heavy duty water well
  • Heating element supports direct heat to food
  • 27 qt. capacity
  • 120V, 1200W

Keep your steamy vegetables, plump hot dogs, fluffy eggs, or sizzling bacon hot, safe, and ready to plate with this Avantco W50 12" x 20" countertop food warmer. Thanks to its specially designed internal heating elements, this countertop warmer holds your prepared foods at foodsafe temperatures for hours. It also has a heavy duty water well made of durable 20 gauge, 18/8 stainless steel to stand up to the daily demands of your busy concession stand, cafeteria, or hotel breakfast bar.

Overall Dimensions:
Left to Right: 14 1/2"
Front to Back: 22 1/2"
Height: 9"

Interior Dimensions:
Left to Right: 12"
Front to Back: 20"
Height: 6 1/4"
Capacity: 27 qt.

Customer Reviews

This is the 2nd Avantco Countertop Food Warmer we have used. The first one was used about 15-16 hours a day, 7 days a week ... kept temperatures perfectly until the day it went out on us. (We are suspect that it went out on us because of employee abuse.) Definitely worth the small investment!

Lori F. from Three Bridges
Posted on 7/26/2019

This is the second food warmer we bought. We bought another for our buffet area. Works great, food stays at temp and easy clean up

Mark B. from The U Neighborhood Bar & Grill
Posted on 7/10/2019

No problems with this food warmer at all. Quick to get to temperature and easy to clean. Holds up to 4 inch pans. Good quality, great value.

Eric A. from Lumbertown Meat Company
Posted on 7/8/2019

We have used this warmer for several events already. Perfect for the person who is looking for a dependable piece of equipment to maintain proper temperature for any style of use or cooking.

Cory G. from Wackewontons
Posted on 6/29/2019

This is perfect for keeping our daily Vegetables hot, it heats up fast and we never have to take it over the 4 setting A plus ..

John R. from Lulu's Country Kitchen
Posted on 6/25/2019

Very reliable and compact size easy to clean you get a lot more for what you pay I’m very recommend it I got 3 of this already

Plutarco S. from The oasis
Posted on 6/21/2019

Just AMAZING! This food warmer is very affordable in comparison to other brands, good quality and easy to use. Light weight and easy to clean. I use it for all my catering events.

Karen D. from Frosty Blendz
Posted on 6/13/2019

These are great warmers. We use it to keep our bar-b-q beans at proper serving temperature.. It maintains the holding temp well and can heat quickly. Just be sure to watch the temperature setting or the water in the pan will evaporate out.

Sherry S. from Snead's BarBQ
Posted on 6/10/2019

I bought a food trailer and it came with a used food warmer. I needed another and this was a great buy. Would recommend. Came undamaged.

Jacque P. from Vego
Posted on 6/9/2019

This is so nice to have when you dont want to or use a full set up. Adjustable temperature control makes time management so easy.

Tessa T. from The P.G
Posted on 5/8/2019

The full size warmer is great for catering/special events. I use of for larger events with pulled park and Mac-n-Cheese as my main dishes. Works great and heat control allows me to heat up fast and then maintain temps for self service.

Todd G. from Charles D. Hammond FOP Lodge
Posted on 5/7/2019

this steam well is by far worth the money , we use them all day long, our first one lasted just over 4 years before we had to purchase another one,

Brittany R. from Graffiti Junktion
Posted on 5/6/2019

I use these several days a week during basketball season for concessions. They have also been used for Christmas parties and weddings. Being able to plug them in is a great alternative to the chafer burners.

Stacy H. from Charis Christian Fellowship
Posted on 5/5/2019

Great food warmer for a great price. Its dimensions are perfect for a small kitchen and it reaches the desidered temperature quickly. We are extremely satisfied.

Serena R. from
Posted on 4/27/2019

This food warmer is a life saver for our restaurant. It is most frequently used for our soups and keeps them warm throughout the day.

Zhiwei l. from Mizumi
Posted on 4/25/2019

Very good at keeping food from warm or piping hot. Very easy to clean and store in a small footprint area on the table or countertop. Great purchase!

Bernail j. from Funnytimes Concessions
Posted on 4/22/2019

Great hot well for the price! Multiple temperature settings and easily fits your needs. Fits all 1/3 pans perfectly with no need for spacer bars!

Josh M. from Junction 21
Posted on 4/4/2019

we use this everyday for keeping mash potatoes and our service bread warm. this is a simple product but does it very well. for the price this item can't be beat. ive had this for a while now and has not show any signs of giving up on us!

Kevin F. from Bistro 135
Posted on 3/30/2019

Awesome food warmer. Fast heat up time and very roomy, much bigger than i was thinking. Perfect size to get all of your items ready!

SHANE L. from roadway dogs
Posted on 3/27/2019

Great small side warmer. Ours has worked flawlessly everyday being on all day for well over a year. Can't beat that type performance for the price.

Greg from Iwindis llc
Posted on 3/24/2019

Great investment. Although they are a bit awkward to empty and clean, they heat very well. Fits many sized steam pans and maintains consistent temperature for adequate hot food holding. Rapid heat and great recovery time.

Tonja F. from Glenda Jeans Country Kitchen LLC
Posted on 3/18/2019

We use steam tables a lot every day all day. Have had no issues with it burning out and for the price it is a great deal to make service functional for us.

Suzana S. from Sweet Ludres LLC
Posted on 3/17/2019

Got this to keep my foods warm and fresh. A little bigger than what we expected but did a great job. We will buy again.

Dat from
Posted on 3/13/2019

For the price great item! We have had ours for over a year and we have had no problems. Would definitely recommend this item. Just wish it came with a sneeze guard.

Melody R. from
Posted on 3/5/2019

We love this piece of equipment. We use it to keep our quiche warm on one side and then oatmeal on the other side. It is always consistent always maintains the perfect temperature is not too big so if it’s conveniently on the end of our 3 foot prep table.

Kathryn V. from Kate's Downtown
Posted on 3/3/2019

Order this one replacement the older one only work a little over year and pay way over the price, I think this one work much better than the old one , thank u

Chao Z. from Hibachi Express Lin Inc
Posted on 2/28/2019

Can't really complain too much about these as they are pretty cheap. They won't last forever, but they will last a while. Probably a few years. The knob is starting to get really sticky as grease gets in there and they're not very easy to clean. I wish there was a drain, but again you get what you pay for. The cord also started to fray pretty quickly.

Tobias F. from
Posted on 2/23/2019

I highly recommend this food warmer, it's very convenient and my events were classy as I got a lot of compliments on these, I bought 3 of them and I never regret. Great products.

sonia H. from
Posted on 2/21/2019

Best value in steam tables, period. Hot, reliable, easy to clean. I have several of these, and a backup which I haven't needed to use yet and its 3 years old. I have one thats 7 years old...

Jamie B. from
Posted on 2/20/2019

It is lightweight, so it makes it easy to transport to where your event will be. Keeps your food hot and you’re able to fit many. The price is good as well.

Lorena M. from
Posted on 2/20/2019

These work perfect with our Avantco food warmers. They are a good add on to our business as we continue to grown we will purchase additional's

Michelle E. from The Postal Grill
Posted on 2/11/2019

High quality design, Easy to use and great capacity. We use it for chocolate melting and very happy with the performance. Highly recommended to anyone.

Mehmet C. from Leaff Inc.
Posted on 1/29/2019

Avantco full size electric countertop food warmer. We use it everyday. Bought two actually. Never have to refill water. Keeps food warm. Great price here

Teresia T. from
Posted on 1/27/2019

We have used this every day for 12 hours a day without any issues. We have probably had the unit for about a year now. Cant beat that price too.

Tyler K. from Big Bun Inc.
Posted on 1/8/2019