Avantco W62 Heat Lamp / Food Warmer 2 Bulb Free Standing

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Item #: 177W62

  • Adjustable height
  • Clear, 250W bulbs included

Keep your French fries, onion rings, or fried chicken fresh and ready to serve with the Avantco free standing two bulb heat lamp / food warmer! The Avantco W62 free standing food heat lamp is quite versatile thanks to its adjustable stand, so you can control the intensity of the heat reaching your food to prevent over-drying.

The Avantco free standing two bulb food warmer lamp is made of heavy duty aluminum to withstand the daily demands of your busy fast food restaurant, concession stand, or snack bar. Two clear, 250W bulbs are included. This Avantco food warmer requires a 120V electrical connection and has an output of 500W.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 14 1/8"
Depth: 19 1/2"
Height: 23 1/8" - 30 1/4"
Clearance Under Bulb: 14" - 22 5/8"

Customer Reviews

We use the Avantco W62 heat lamp / food warmer to keep our mini donuts hot and ready to serve if we make extra. Very good investment if you are looking for a food warmer.

Craig S. from Craig's Shave Ice
Posted on 7/24/2019

We bought to use in our concession stand at a local racetrack - Keeps fries and chicken fingers hot for a good amount of time and very easy to clean.

Tim S. from
Posted on 7/22/2019

this warmer is still in my concession and going strong, working great, have had to replace the bulbs a few times but that's from a whole lot of food being kept warm, great unit to save me time when I get crowded at events, can make and hold extra fries!!!

Kent P. from Profitt's Roasted Corn & Taters
Posted on 6/11/2019

This does exactly what it's supposed to do. We've been using it for a long time and haven't had any issues. Keeps our donuts hot and doesn't get in the way of production. It's a great value.

Jessica L. from Jessica Lee Dream Vision LLC
Posted on 6/9/2019

These work well to heat the food we have a few more higher quality heat lamps and there is a difference in look and functionality but they do work well for the price.

Hannah C. from
Posted on 5/24/2019

This item works great. It gives off good heat and looks sharp. I would recommend to anyone that caters or runs a buffet line. Good Value

Nick V. from Williams Restaurant
Posted on 5/23/2019

Just what I wanted!!! Very powerful! Works great in our deli, keeps the fried foods hot till we’re ready to use. Easy to assemble !!!!!

Maksym Y. from MRY-Store
Posted on 5/15/2019

We use these outside even though it says not recommended but our food still stays hot and fresh. We love using the lamp its amazing!

Lucia L. from goldies tacos
Posted on 4/30/2019

This heat lamp worked perfectly. Keep my food warm for entire event. The blubs get pretty hot so be careful. can not beat the price.

Erin B. from Dylan's Unique Gifts & Weddings
Posted on 4/19/2019

Used on my concession trailer to keep my mini donuts warm. You can't beat the price, no matter where you look online. Thank you Webstraunt.com!

Andrew P. from Just Bite Me LLC
Posted on 4/16/2019

This heat lamp works like a charm. It keeps our foods warm and ready to go. Very light and easy to assemble/use. Works best with fried foods.

John K. from
Posted on 4/11/2019

Good product, good price and good quality. Be aware that it will use more electricity due to the wattage of the bulbs, obviously. It does however keep food warm. Happy with the purchase

Giovanni C. from
Posted on 3/4/2019

Because it's hight is adjustable, this lamp works good in the back of the house. Maybe for the front you might want to buy something fancier

efrain V. from PK2 Helados
Posted on 2/14/2019

Nice and lightweight. These are easy to position and reposition to get the best presentation for a catering event, or for keeping foods warm while plating the rest of a meal. Great value for the price!

Kathy U. from Soda Stop
Posted on 2/1/2019

Very sturdy and stands on its own. He's up food great keeps everything nice and warm and fresh. Overall very good product easy to order and received in just a few days

Kimberlee M. from KRN Enterprise, LLC
Posted on 12/20/2018

Great product and amazing price. Keeps our fries hot and fresh. Easy to clean and not very bulky. Our cooks love this product for our restaurant.

Priti n. from Blaze N Grill
Posted on 10/30/2018

Overall a great purchase! We have enjoyed using the heat lamps in our various outlets in the park, and they hot hold extremely well. Our employees preferred this model over the other ones that we have in the park, and we will be replacing any broken ones by ordering more of these. Great value!

Dylan P. from Splash Kingdom Waterpark
Posted on 10/29/2018

Really great to keep fod warm when its for a short time, i got like 2 of this in my business and works great for frying and let the fodd rest under the heat lamp, amazing!

Delsy R. from Wings Depot Mexico
Posted on 9/13/2018

These heat lamps are amazing. Light weight, easy to use and they breakdown so they don't take up much space when not in use. I love these and at this price, why not?

Amelia H. from Streetfood @ The Stagecoach
Posted on 8/14/2018

I've ordered the Avantco W62 Heat Lamp / Food warmer from Webstauranstore and have used is at all of my catering events. It is so easy to set up and my daughter loves putting it together. It is very light weight and sturdy. We will order more once the company grows!

Saren O. from LEMONGRASS
Posted on 7/22/2018

nice hot heat lamp keeps our prime rib steaming hot. The only issue we have is the legs are not quite wide enough for a sheet tray and cutting board set up.

Tony C. from The Sandy Point Restaurant
Posted on 7/10/2018

The price can not be beat. The lamp itself is a little flimsy and made of cheap aluminum. It does do a great job of keeping fried foods hot.

Daniel P. from
Posted on 5/25/2018

Works great in my restaurant. good quality for the price. I have tried expensive brands and I see no difference in functions. Mine lasted many years before this.

Naseer A. from The Boardroom Restaurant
Posted on 5/7/2018

We brought this items for a event , that wanted a Carving Station. The Heat Lamps was a home run. We used both of the heating lamps, they keep the food nice and warm and didn't dry the meat out, but help keep it nice a moist. The guest complimented the lights on how good of a job they was doing , keeping everything warm. Good Product.

octavya P. from bamboogiescateringservices
Posted on 4/23/2018

Awesome product, Very professional looking and light weight. It is cheaper than what you could get it at the local restaurant supply store, Thanks Webstaurant Store

Ramiro D. from Cleanby Corp
Posted on 4/16/2018

Really good one, works amazing to keep hot foods not only with french fries, all kind of fry foods, works really amazing and its really simple to use!!

Oscar R. from Equipos y Mas Mexico
Posted on 4/5/2018

Good quality for a great price, adjustable height helps with many of my various foods, if you need a heat lamp give this one a shot you will be happy

Jennifer B. from 1213 catering
Posted on 3/7/2018

This was a good product though I did expect it to heat a little better. I wish it was built to fold down for easier storage.

Ricca M. from
Posted on 2/6/2018

This heat lamp is EXCELLENT for the price. I finally had to retire my old heat lamp and replaced it with this one and so far im very impressed.

Amy L. from 601
Posted on 1/22/2018

Nice, inexpensive heat lamp... great option for keeping something that is being served over a longer period of time warm. Plus it looks nice and is light weight while still being sturdy.

Brad S. from
Posted on 1/17/2018

These heat lamp works great to heat a small amount of items at once. We tend to use this lamp to keep our plates warm during our buffet for customers.

Kevin M. from Crazy Crepe
Posted on 12/27/2017

We purchased this double bulb lamp for the back of the house. It keeps chicken and fish warm and crispy until it is needed. Good heat lamp

Casandra B. from Big Chris Catering
Posted on 11/5/2017