Avantco DHC-26 2.6 Gallon (10 Liter) Hot Beverage / Hot Topping Dispenser

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Item #: 177DHC26

  • Powerful 1000W heating capability for quick start up and reaction time to temperature adjustments
  • Adjustable faucet for different thicknesses to dispense anything from melted butter to pancake syrup
  • Easy-to-read thermostat allows user to set desired temperature
  • Large 2.6 gallon (10 liter) storage capacity so you don't run out
  • Rotating paddles slowly blend product for optimal consistency

Keep your sweet hot chocolate, savory apple cider, or other hot beverages stirred and ready to serve to your guests by incorporating the Avantco DHC-26 2.6 gallon hot beverage / hot topping dispenser into your equipment lineup! This hot product dispenser features a large 2.6 gallon tank to hold a variety of products, including syrup, gravy, au jus, drawn butter for seafood, and hot chocolate! The Avantco DHC-26 features a Bain Marie heating system that keeps the product at the correct serving temperature. An interior rotating paddle keeps the product consistently mixed and heated for the best customer experience. The easy-to-read, adjustable thermostat lets you set the temperature up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping hot beverages in that optimal serving temperature range of 160 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dispenser features a stainless steel boiling tank and heating element, making it easy to clean and sanitize. Plus, the anti-clogging faucet design prevents down time and makes sure your customers always have access to your products. The front rod on the faucet prevents clogging, and can be adjusted depending on the thickness of the product you are dispensing. A drip tray with a float indicator prevents messy, dangerous spills in case of accidental drips or splashes from overfilled cups. The overheat sensor and reset button also allow for safe operation by preventing the unit from overheating and causing injuries.

120V, 1000W.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 11"
Depth: 16"
Height: 22 3/4"
Capacity: 2.6 gallon

Customer Reviews

I loved this for mixing Mexican style chocolate that is a little thicker than regular hot chocolate. but it did a great job mixing and kept it hot for those cold months

Julia S. from la perla jarocha
Posted on 4/29/2019

This is a great machine to have in the office. I like that it keeps my drinks warm. You can use it with any drink

Daellion G. from
Posted on 2/2/2019

I've been using this for 2 years and it does the job. However, within a fee weeks of purchase the water tank started to leak and Avantco customer service was not very helpful. I've also had some issues with the spigot. Not the easiest to disassemble either.

Jennifer M. from Cocoa & Spice
Posted on 4/9/2018

This dispenser works great for our Mexican hot chocolate. It’s meant to MAINTAIN your hot chocokate hot and fresh. So we make it stovetop at our kitchen first, then pour it into this machine for hot holding for our morning customers.

Ana V. from Amanecer Taco Shop
Posted on 2/26/2018

work well the first two times we used it but they did not ship the plug for the drain and the one we put in caused the unit to leak water.

William R. from Carinasgrill LLC
Posted on 8/4/2016